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LH Test Unit: Civil

What were the contributions of CORE to the civil rights movement? State sit-ins, organized marches, participated in free rides
What was the result of Baton Rouge bus boycott? increased seats for African Americans
How did Louisiana respond to the ruling of Brown vs. Board of Education? passed laws to strength segregation and formed committee to uphold segregation
What were the results of the civil rights act of 1964? prohibited unequal access to public facilities across the country outlawed discrimination in employment, forced public agencies to integrate their employees
Boycott was a popular form of what? protest
Tell me the main goal of the American Indian movement. protect land rights and treaties from the past
Tell me the goal of the disability rights movement better access to schools and workplace
Women's rights activist worked to pass what? equal right amendment
What happened after James Meredith was admitted to the university of Mississippi? Marshalls sent to protect him from rioting white students
Give examples of strategies that were used to win civil right in the south. organized sit-in hosted public gatherings
How in the 15th Amendment important to civil rights movement? guaranteed voting rights for all Americans
List all the results of the voting Act of 1965. more African Americans were elected officials, gave the federal government tools to ensure equal voting rights, fewer legal barriers
Executive order 9981 desegregated what? military
Montgomery Bus Boycotts started as a response to what event. Rosa Parkes standing up the a white man on the bus and getting arrested for not giving up he seat
The nation of islam differed from SCLC in what ways Believed that African American could be self-rerliant, promoted black nationalism, advocated separation of the races
What is the contribution of Alexander Pierre Turead in the civil right in New Orleans? Fought to integrate public Schoo and end segregation
Ruby Bridges played what role in civil rights movement allowed to go to New Orleans public school, was escorted
How does the NAACP evolve in the civil rights movement? Worked to pass civil right legislation, and provide a legal aid and assistance
Brown vs Board of Education determined what by the Supreme Court segregated in unconstitutional
Government officials respond to judge wright's court court order how? The school board tried to resist by delaying plana to desegregate, The mayor of New Orleans kept the police from enforcing the court order The governor threatened to close schools or deny them resources
What was the goal of ride sharing system in Baton Rouge 1953? to help people boycotting buses
Chicano rights movement had which goals? Voting and political right, improved access to education, fail wages for migrant farm workers
What is the SCLC and when was it formed? Was formed in 1957, it promoted cooperation between African Americans and whites, , peaceful protests
What led to the Watts riot? arrest of an African American by white officer
Created by: kalynnlee