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APUSH Ch. 27

Reasons for American expansionism Agricultural/industrial production boomed, thought they had to expand, overseas involvement, "yellow press" described adventures, spread religion/values, imperial power, new steel navy
Big Sister policy Rally Latin American nations behind U. S. leadership and open Latin American markets to Yankee traders
Why did U. S. want Hawaii? It was a way station for shippers, sailors, and whalers
What was Cleveland's response to wanting Hawaii? Rejected the treaty that it was ready for annexation, sent investigator there and found that the natives didn't want annexation
Insurrectos Cubans who torched cane fields and sugar mills and dynamited passenger trains
General "Butcher" Weyler Spanish general who came to Cuba to crush the rebels by putting them in concentration camps, removed in 1897
William Randolph Hearst One of the publishers of "yellow journalism", competed with Pulitzer
Yellow Journalism Similar to newspapers, included headlines and hair-raising "scoops"
De Lome Letter Letter written by Spanish minister that bashed President McKinley, caused uproar, and made de Lome resign
USS Maine Blew up, killed 260 people, explosion caused by spontaneous combustion
Manila 6 U. S. ships, 10 Spanish ships which were overmatched and destroyed, 400 Spaniards killed/wounded, no U. S. deaths
Battle of San Juan Hill Heavy casualties
Rough Riders Volunteers, unprepared, unequipped
Treaty of Paris Ended Spanish American War, America got Guam/Puerto Rico/Philippines ($20 million), and Cuba was independent from Spain
Why did McKinley think the U. S. must keep the Philippines? If they governed themselves, a major power would seize them and cause a world war, U. S. had to fight a war to free Cuba, wanted to Christianize and civilize them,
Anti-Imperialist League Fought against the McKinley admins expansionist moves, wanted to free Filipinos and up list/exploit underprivileged, underfed, and under clad of the world
Dr. Walter Reed/Col. Wiliam Gorgas Preformed experiments on American soldiers who volunteered
Teller Amendment Stated that the U. S. withdrew from Cuba
Platt Amendment Constitution the Cubans had to write to not be taken over by a grasping power
What were inhabitants of conquered territories? Subjects
Splendid Little War U. S. ended up with opportunities in its grasp, pleased British bc of new friendship, Germany was envious, Latin America was suspicious of their greed, U. S. became a Far Eastern power
Open Door Policy U. S. would respect certain Chinese rights and the ideal of fair competition, but Chinese were never consulted about this
Background Events of Open Door Policy European powers moved in and would tear away economic spheres of influence from the government
Reason(s) for Boxer Rebellion Chinese didn't like being used as a doormat by western powers
Outcome(s) of Boxer Rebellion Soldiers came to quell the rebellion, American troops left the Philippines to protect U. S. rights to keep the Open Door Policy alive
McKinley Republican, won a war, acquired rich real estate, safeguarded gold standard, brought promised prosperity of full dinner pail, freed 7,000,000 Filipinos
Roosevelt Democrat, thought that the paramount issue was Republican overseas imperialism
Personal Beliefs of Roosevelt Better to wear out than rust out, "Speak softly and carry a big stick, [and] you will go far.", big ego, no respect for checks/balances, thought the president can take any action in the general interest that's not forbidden by the laws of the Constitution
How did Roosevelt view the power of the presidency? Thought the president should lead boldly
How did we acquire the land for the canal? Paid $40,000,000 for canal strip and was 10 miles wide
Significances of building the canal? Strengthen the navy by increasing its mobility
Preventative Intervention No outsiders could push around the Latin nations except the U. S. or policemen of the Caribbean
Portsmouth Conference TR guided the parties so that it satisfied neither side, Japanese resentful and became enemies with U. S., Russia accused the U. S. of robbing them of military victory
Why did TR get a Nobel Peace Prize? For achieving the peace between Japan and Russia
San Francisco School Incident San Francisco's school board ordered the segregation of Chinese, Japanese, and Korean students in a different school to free more space for whites, became an international crisis
Gentlemen's Agreement Tokyo withheld passports to stop the immigrants from Japan
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