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Government 2018

Amendments 1-27

Essay: Before John was interrogated by the police, he was told his rights. How do these rights protect John? right to an attorney, right to be silent, what you say be used against you.
Essay: John Jones is accused of a crime he says he did not do. According to the 4th and 5th Amendment, what should John expect as he prepares for and goes to trial? Identify and explain at least 3 expectations Government needs probable cause to search home. Searches of your property need a warrant issued by judge. "Double jeopardy." can not be forced to testify against your self. Due Process of Law.
Essay:Explain the importance of Due Process within the law? Give an example within your explanation. Everyone has the right to due process, treated fairly and equally, following a process if arrested.
Essay: Under the Establishment clause the Government can and can't do somethings. Name 2 can's and 2 can'ts. see your notes
Essay: Within the 1st Amendment there are 5 important freedoms, name all five, then choose the one freedom you believe we could not do without? Then try to justify its importance. Speech, Press, religion, petition, assembly
Amendment 4, except under certain circumstances, establishes that this must be issued before a person's home or other private place may be searched eminent domain
Amendment 6 establishes rights for those who may face a criminal trial, these rights include all the following except to be informed of the nature of the charges, to represented by an attorney, a speedy and public trail
Amendment 8 establishes that neither bail nor punishments are to be unreasonably severe. This is known as the ______________________ clause cruel and unusual punishments
Amendment 5 requires the government of observe proper and traditional methods in depriving one of a important right. This is known as due process of law
he controversial 2nd amendment protects the right of an individual own firearms
The first 10 Amendments are know as the Bill of Rights
The government cannot place a person on trial again after they have been either convicted or acquitted. This is known as double jeopardy
In Amendment 5, the prosecution in a case must establish guilt by independent evidence and not by extorted confession form the suspect. This is known as self incrimination clause
Although obsolete, Amendment 3 establishes that these people may not be quartered in your home, in times of peace soldiers
This must be present in order for a neutral magistrate to sign a search warrant probable cause
The 24th Amendment eliminates the use of this, thus ensuring all citizens, wealthy or poor, the right to vote. poll tax
The 26th Amendment lowered the voting age to ____, the same age at which young men could be drafted into military service. 18
As a result of the 17th Amendment, this group is elected by direct elections of the people. Senators
In 1920 the 19th Amendment finally guarantees the right to vote for this group, although this right was never prohibited by the Constitution. Women
The 16th Amendment authorizes this economic process, which provides for things like roads and schools. Federal Income Tax
The 18th Amendment ended the sale of liquor in the United States in 1919, this was known as Prohibition
The 20th Amendment reduces the previous 4 month period between the November elections and starting date of congressional and presidential terms. This is known as the Lame Duck Amendment
The 25th Amendment clarify the presidential succession, explicitly confirming the long standing custom that when a president dies in office the vice president becomes President
The 13th Amendment calls for abolishing of slavery
The 14th amendment provided protection against states infringing on peoples rights by defining what persons were citizens.
In 1868 the 15th Amendment was designed to protect the right to vote for this group. African Americans
The 14th Amendment establishes that all person born or naturalized have the same _________, and no state may make any law which denies these. rights
The 21st Amendment limits a president to serving no more that ___ terms in office 2
What is federalism? a division of power between the national and state governments
Which of the following is the best example of the principle of limited government in the U.S. Constitution The Constitution identifies powers denied to Congress and to the states
The U.S. Constitution reflects the Principle of Federalism by stating that Powers not delegated to the national government belong to the states or the people
What is the form of government in which people elect representatives to make and carry out laws. republicanism
The Constitution spells out the powers of each branch of government. This is an example of what basic principle? limited government
The division of the government into three branches with distinct powers reflects the principle of Separation of Powers
The following statement is an example of what basic principle of government; Congress can pass laws, but the President can refuse to approve them by using his veto power. checks and balances
Congress proposes a bill, and the United States President vetoes the bill. Checks and Balances
Idea that everyone including citizens and leaders must obey the supreme "Law of the Land" Limited Government
The 9th Amendment guarantees that the government cannot deny those rights reserved for states
The 10th Amendment states that if the federal and state governments do not prohibit something then those rights are reserved for the people
The 11th Amendment limits law suits against states, in other words; A citizen of one state can't sue the government of another state unless it is done in the state being sued.
The 12th Amendment redefines the procedure for electing the president and vice-president through the Electoral College
The 21st Amendment repeals this, ending Prohibition. 18th Amendment
As a result of the passage of the 23rd Amendment, the citizens of this area receive the right to vote in presidential elections Washington D. C.
The 27th Amendment allow Congress to give themselves a pay raise, but have to wait until the next election
Essay: The Bill of Rights was created in response to the debate between the Federalist and the Anti-Federalists. Using examples from the Bill of Rights, explain how it helped satisfy the concerns of the Anti-Federalists. use notes
The 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments were known as the Civil War Amendments, but they were also known as the Reconstruction Amendments
Ohio's original constitution had several flaws, select all the following that the 1851 Constitution corrected. Major executive officials and judges were elected; No retroactive laws; All law of general nature were must be uniform; District courts were added; Debt limitations were instituted; Poll Taxes were banned; Tax fund must be used for stated purpose.
To enforce the 14th Amendment, Congress passed this act that ended segregation and banned discrimination based on race, color, sec, or national origin. Civil Rights Act of 1964
The right to equal protection under the laws means that the government may not unfairly or unreasonably treat people differently
Identify the three tools used by the Federal Reserve used to foster a sound banking system and a healthy economy. Open Market Securities, Discount rate, Reserve Requirement
The major objection to the Constitution by Anti-federalists was that Did not contain a Bill of Rights
Individuals in Ohio have a responsibility to assist state and local governments addressing relevant and controversial issues. Identify at 3 ways an individual can step up. explain how these action can help their community and state. pay taxes; serving in the National Guard; running for office; voting; signing petitions; organizing civic activities; attending local board meetings; joining community watch, fire department
In order for a United States citizen to receive a fair trial, other citizens must — serve on juries
Which of the following powers allows Congress to have an important influence over foreign policy? The Senate must approve all treaties negotiated by the President
Which source has the appropriate qualifications to be a credible source of information about the city streets with the most car-pedestrian accidents? Data collected by the local police department
What was a key reason for the creation of the Federal Reserve System? to promote economic stability
Explain how the passage of the 19th Amendment (1920) changed the U.S. Constitution to allow greater participation in government. Then, explain how the passage of the 26th Amendment (1971) continued the change toward greater participation in government. Women's right to vote, allows for women to have a greater voice in their government. 26th - now an 18 year old individual is considered an adult having more opportunity to participate in gov.
The Bill of Rights was created in response to the debate between the Federalist and the Anti-Federalists. Using examples from the Bill of Rights, explain how it helped satisfy the concerns of the Anti-Federalist. Concerned for protection of individual rights and the protection for people against the government
A group of citizens organizes a peaceful march through the streets of the nation’s capital, carrying signs calling for the nation’s leader to resign. Identify the Amendment making this protest possible, explain why this right is important to our democra 1st Amendment, right to peacefully protest
Created by: dtinstman
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