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Social Studies 50-75

What laws segregated African Americans? Jim Crow Laws
Which court case ended school segregation? Brown vs. Board of Education
In 1955 members of the black community in Montgomery Alabama tried to force a change in the city's practice of racial segregation by leading a: Bus Boycott
What is the name of Martin Luther King's most famous speech? "I have a dream"
At what event did MLK give his "I have a dream" speech? March on Washington
__________ of 1964 is a law that bans discrimination because of a person's race, religion or gender. The Civil Rights Act
The _______________of 1965 gave more protection to voting rights. It helped to overcome the legal barriers that made it difficult for some African Americans to vote. Voting rights act
Who was the first African American to be appointed to the supreme court? Thurgood Marshall
Well known lawyer who fought for the Brown case before the Supreme Court took over Thurgood Marshall
Which event marks the BEGINNING of the civil rights movement? The Montgomery bus boycott
Which civil rights activist brought about better conditions for agricultural workers? Cesar Chavez
Which president signed the civil rights act? Lyndon B Johnson
Who didn't give up her seat on the bus to a white passenger? Her actions led to the Montgomery Bus Boycott which led to the beginning of the Civil Rights Movement . Rosa Parks
President during the Cuban Missile Crisis. He is well known for trying to get Civil Rights laws passed. He was assassinated. John F. Kennedy
In the 1950's this became the largest form of mass media for news and entertainment for Americans. The Television
JFK's younger brother. He served as the attorney general for his brother. He ran for president. He was shot and killed in 1968. Robert F. Kennedy
This was established in July of 1958 during the Space Race during Cold War. NASA
What years did the Civil Rights Movement take place? 1954 – 1968
The movement that fought for equal rights for African Americans Civil Rights Movement
What was the reason or goal of the Civil Rights Movement? To end segregation and racial discrimination
Martin Luther King and Cesar Chavez encouraged what type of protests, boycotts, marches and strikes? Peaceful
Prior to the Civil Rights Act, segregation in public places was legal. T/F True
Did the Voting Rights Act of 1965 allow African Americans to vote or did it outlaw literacy tests and poll taxes? It outlawed literacy tests and poll taxes
Which event led to the Supreme Court ruling that segregation of public transportation was illegal? The Montgomery Bus Boycott
Who helped lead a 5 year grape strike in order to help improve the working conditions for migrant farm workers? Cesar Chavez
Who argued that School Segregation was violating the U.S. constitution and therefore should be illegal. JFK or Thurgood Marshall? Thurgood
Martin Luther King Jr. a prominent Civil Rights Leader was assassinated at what age? 39
During the time of the Civil Rights Movement in the United States, what event were we involved in Globally? Cold War
Created by: apetrillo
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