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Cold War Terms

iron curtain term from winston church in 1946 to describe an imaginary line dividing countries in the Soviet bloc from countries in western europe
containment policy that the US adopted in the late 1940s to stop spread of communism
cold war an era of high tension and bitter rivalry between the US and the soviet union following the end of ww2
Truman Doctrine US containment policy -president truman said that the US would support free nations to protect them from communism
Marshall Plan US gave over 12 million dollars in aid to help rebuild European democracies after WW2 to protect against communism
Baby boom rise in birth rate after ww2
ICBMs intercontinental ballistic missiles guided missiles that could travel thousands of miles and strike targets accurately
Eisenhower doctrine declared the right of the US to help in request any nation in the middle east trying to resist communist regression
hydrogen bomb a nuclear weapon that gets its power from the fusing together of hydrogen bombs
26th amendment lowered the legal voting age from 21 to 18
war powers act 1973 law that sets a 60 day limit on the presidential commitment of US troops to foreign conflicts
ho chi minh trail a network of paths from north vietnam to south vietnam used to supply the vietcong
vietcong military forces of national liberation front -wanted to overthrow gov in vietnam
great society social welfare programs started by presiden lyndon b johnson such as medicaid/medicare
detente relaxing of tension
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