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South&Central Africa

Study review for Central and Southern Africa TEST

Europeans who first colonized South Africa in the 1600's. Dutch
Descendants of the early Dutch and French settlers in South Africa. Afrikaners
Afrikaner name for farmers Boers
Europeans who came to South Africa in the 1800's and colonized it. Taking over land from the Boers (Dutch). British
Set of laws created by the Afrikaners in 1948 to keep the races sparate and keep the wealth and land in the hands of whites. Apartheid
The country that created Apartheid Laws South Africa
During Apartheid, this is the name for the separate areas where blacks were required to live in urban areas. townships
During Apartheid, this is the name for the sparate areas where blacks were required to live in rural areas homelands
Penalties imposed by one country on another to force changes in politics. sanctions
Southern African country with the strongest economy. South Africa
Afrikaner president who recommended that the apartheid laws be repealed. F. W. de Klerk
Trade barrier used by foreign nations who opposed South Africa's policy of apartheid. embargo
This person was the first black president of South Africa Nelson Mandela
type of political system in South Africa Parliamentary Democracy
Productive resource that includes land, water, and minerals. natural resources
productive resources that include training and education of workers. human capital
Productive resources that includes tools and machinery; infrastructure such as roads, bridges, dams, communication, and transportation that help in the production of goods and services capital goods
People who are willing to take a financial risk in order to open a new business or create new innovations. entreprenuer
graph that show trends in the growth of the number of citizens in a country per gender and age group. population pyramid
resources that are common in South Africa gold and diamonds
the name of massive food shortages caused by unstable governments, repeated droughts, and AIDS deaths which reduce the work force famine
Nelson Mandela's political party African National Congress (ANC)
a virus spread through certain body fluids that attacks the body's immune system and has no cure HIV
a disease in which there is severe loss of the body's cellular immunity, greatly lowering resistance to infection and malignancy AIDS
rough diamonds that were used illegally by rebels to fund conflicts across African countries blood diamonds
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