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SS-Ancient Egypt 1-7

7th Grade S.S. Ancient Egypt Unit Flashcards 1-7

Amun Ra/ Re He is the most important god. He is depicted as a falcon with a sun on his head and is the god of creation. He created gods such as Maat, Shu, and Tefnut. Egyptians believed that the rising sun was a symbol of creation and renewal.
Osiris He is depicted as a human that was oftentimes green. His jealous brother Set killed him which ended up in him becoming the god of the Underworld. Egyptians believed that if a pharaoh was good in life, he would become an Osiris in the afterlife.
Osiris Continued His wife was named Isis who was also his sister. Together they had a child named Horus. His parents were Geb and Nut. He has four other siblings too.
Horus He is shown as a flacon. He is the god of the sky and lost his eye while fighting his uncle Set. He gives power to each pharoah. Egyptians believed that pharaohs are the living image of him. His parents are Osiris and Isis.
Anubis He is shown as a jackal or a wild dog. He is the god of funerals and death. He protects the dead and supervised embalming. His parents were Set and Nephthys.
Connection between Howard Carter and King Tut Howard Carter oversaw the search for King Tut's tomb. He was backed by Lord Carnarvon who gave him money to support the search. While the team was digging, after around 5 years, they found the tomb. On November 26, he made a hole in the door of the tomb.
Menes/Narmer's legacy This pharaoh was the first one ever. He united Upper and Lower Egypt by conquering Lower Egypt in 3100 BCE. He moved the capital city to Memphis, which was closer to Lower Egypt, so that he could better control both sections.
Khufu's legacy He ruled from 2551 BCE to 2528 BCE. He was the first pharaoh to declare himself a god and establish the role of the pharaoh as a central authority. He did this by overseeing the harvest, storing extra food, and controlling many government officials.
Khufu's legacy continued He is known as "The Pyramid Builder" or "The Great Builder." He built the Great Pyramid at Giza, which is known as one of the 7 Wonders of the Ancient World.
Created by: nkornchankul
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