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8th gd hist test 2

In Europe, the French and Indian War became known as ? Seven Years
who helped in the organization of the Methodist denomination Charles Wesley
Social class in colonial America was based on wealth
Anglican church was part of which colony Southern colonies
town government was part of which colony New England colonies
bread colonies was part of which colony middle colonies
old-field schools part of which colony southern colonies
mixture of town and county governments part of which colony middle colonies
congregational churches part of which colony New England colonies
what group was the greatest number of settlers in the American colonies English
what was the largest city in colonial America Philadelphia
What year did the French and Indian War end 1763
what university was founded to train Indians as missionaries to their own people Dartmouth
what school was founded by Benjamin Franklin Philadelphia Academy
Which played the most important part in shaping the American character the Bible
taxed legal documents stamp act
made it legal to force colonists to supply housing for British soldiers Quartering Act
made all previous land grants null and void proclamation of 1763
said the colonies were subordinate to England Declaratory Act
what did the colonists consider the purpose of education the colonists wanted their children to learn to read and write in order to read the Bible
what was the primary purpose of colonial government to protect the people and their property
what issues led to a worldwide conflict between England and France disagreement on territory, fur trade, and fishing rights in North America
what was the significance of the English victory of the French and Indian War English tradition and liberty would be established in North America
How did the colonists differ from the English economically the colonial agricultural system was a benefit physically and financially
what term refers to the idea that the colonies existed solely for the good of their mother country mercantilism
what was the most widely used textbook in colonial America New England Primer
what was the paddle shaped board with a printed sheet that was used by children to learn to read? hornbook
who preached the most famous sermon "sinners in the Hands of an Angry God" Jonathan Edwards
Who was the first black woman poet in America? Phillis Wheatley
What treaty ended the French and Indian War Peace of Paris
What natural pass through the Appalachian Mountains allowed settlers to move west Cumberland Gap
who led the Virginia Rangers in the first battle of the French and Indian War George Washington
What was the Great Awakening called in England Methodist
best known missionary to the Indians David Brainerd
general of the British Army Edward Braddock
helped introduce the smallpox vacicne Cotton Mather
conducted singing school William Billings
colonial silversmith Paul Revere
English prime minister who did not support the colonists George Grenville
most powerful voice of the Great Awakening George Whitefield
member of Parliament who supported the colonists William Pitt the Elder
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