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Jackson/Manifest Des

Review for Age of Jackson/Manifest Destiny quiz

What requirement for voting was removed between the Election of 1824-1828? Land Ownership
The idea that a state can override a national law is known as what? Nullification
What state was the center of the Nullification Crisis? South Carolina
Which Vice-President spoke against the President during the Nullification Crisis? John C. Calhoun
What was South Carolina protesting against in the Nullification Crisis? A tariff (The Tariff of Abominations)
What politician promoted the idea of using high tariffs to pay for infrastructure projects? Henry Clay
Who became president as a result of "The Corrupt Bargain"? John Quincy Adams
What member of Congress became Secretary of State after the Election of 1824 was decided in the House of Representatives? Henry Clay
What region did tariffs benefit most? The North or Northeast
What region did Clay's American System provide infrastructure improvements in? The West
What is the practice called of giving government jobs to political friends more so than the most qualified? Spoils System
What man made feature from Clay's American System altered the economy of New York and the Midwest? The Eerie Canal
What is the idea of Manifest Destiny? The almost religious belief of Americans to move their government, innovations, and religions to all lands in the west.
What was the legislation authored by Andrew Jackson that saw the forced removal of Indian tribes west of the Mississippi River? Indian Removal Act
What event led to California gaining over 100,000 people between 1848 and 1849? California Gold Rush
Who was the president during the height of Manifest Destiny? James K. Polk
Who lead Texas in its revolt against Mexico? Sam Houston
Why was Texas not immediately annexed by the United States? It would upset the balance of Northern and Southern states.
Santa Anna was captured and forced to grant independence to Texas after what 18 minute battle? Battle of San Jacinto
Where was gold first discovered in California in 1848? Sutter's Mill
Who ran the Bank of the United States that was a political enemy of Andrew Jackson? Nicholas Biddle
How did Henry Clay help end the Nullification Crisis? Proposed a compromise tariff that would lower over time.
Who led the Mormons to their eventual settlement in Utah? Brigham Young
What campaign slogan dealing with the Oregon Territory was used successfully to get James K. Polk elected president? 54-40 or fight!
What political party was formed largely to oppose Andrew Jackson? Whig Party
Closing of the national bank and over-printing of bank notes by state banks led to what financial crisis? Panic of 1837
What region of the country refused to benefit from the plans of Clay's American System? The South
When no one receives a majority of votes in the Electoral College, who decides which candidate becomes the President? The House of Representatives
What did Mexico lose in the Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo? Texas territory, California, and the New Mexico region.
What did Mexico gain in the Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo? $15 million plus debt repayments of $3.5 million
Created by: slaterc