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Reconstruction, The New South, & The West

Lincoln's 10% Plan After 10% swore loyalty, they could create new state governments & pardons confederate soldiers who swore loyalty
Radical Republicans want to punish the South, Republican rule, & ensure equality for blacks
Andrew Johnson (1865-1869) Democrat-opposed to slavery but racist & Southerner who remained w/ the Union in the war
Andrew Johnson •Would allow the South to explain & fail to protect freedmen
Johnson's Impeachment •Johnson violates Tenure of Office Act by firing Stanton •House of Representatives vote to Impeach but Johnson was saved by one vote
Presidential Reconstruction (1865-1866) •Reconstruction following Johnson’s plan •States had to revoke secession & ratify 13th amendment
Military Reconstruction (1867-1877) •Passed in 1867-wipes out Johnson's programs •Divides former confederacy (except Tenn.) into 5 military districts
13th Amendment (passed by congress on January 31st, 1865) •Lincoln wanted to permanently end slavery before end of the war •Many Northerners opposed because they feared equality
14th amendment (ratified in 1868) •Grants Citizenship to everyone born or naturalized in the US •Everyone gets equal protection of the laws & due process
15th amendment (1870) •Can't deny someone the right to vote based on race •Southern states will implement poll taxes and literacy tests to keep blacks from voting
Created by: renka932