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Broom Ball

Broom Ball Study Guide (2/27)

When was broomball first played? Early 1900's
Where was broomball first played? Canada
Who played broomball in its earliest times? Street car workers
What did the earliest players of broomball use? A small soccer ball and corn brooms
As broomball evolved, where was it brought down to? USA
Where were the first GAMES of broomball played? Minnesota
When did people play the first GAMES of broomball? 1930's
What state is also known as the birthplace of USA broomball? Minnesota
Broomball in the United States originally started out with how many players on the ice per team? Ten
When there were ten players on the ice per team, there were how many goalies? One
When there were ten players on the ice per team, there were how many defensemen? Three
When there were ten players on the ice per team, there were how many mid-linesmen? Three
When there were ten players on the ice per team, there were how many forwards? Three
In what year was the number of ten players per team reduced? 1967
After the reduction of players of ten players per team, how many players were there per team? Eight
In what year was the number of six players per team reduced? 1980
After the reduction of players of eight players per team, how many players were there per team? Six
What four places can broomball be played on/in? Lake, pond, ice hockey rink, gym floor
The rules and strategies of broomball can be compared with rules and strategies of which other game? Hockey
Players can wear padded sponge-rubber shoes to enhance ________ on the slippery surface. Traction
The object of the game is to strike a ball with specially designed brooms into the opponent's ___. Net
What type of ball is broomball played with? Inflated ball
How many players are there per team? Six
How many goalies are there per team nowadays? One
How many defensemen are there per team nowadays? Two (Right and left)
How many centers are there per team nowadays? One
How many wings are there per team nowadays? Two (Right and left)
Which player(s)... • Move(s) the length of the floor in a full game • Direct(s) the attack from the center of the floor • Initiate(s) the offensive play with good passing Center
Which player(s)... • Lead(s) the breaks out of the defensive zone • Work with the center in attempts to score goals Wings
Which player(s)... • Assist(s) the goalie in preventing scores • Responsible for clearing the ball out of their defensive zone Defenders
Which player(s)... • Allowed to stop the ball with hands, feet, or stick while in the crease • Attempts to block all shots on the goal • Works with defenders to prevent the other team from scoring • No opposing players are allowed to touch him/her Goalie
The sections in a game of broomball are called...? Periods
How many periods are there in a game of broomball? Two
How long do periods last? Eighteen minutes
How long is the break between the periods? Two minutes
How many points are goals worth? One
All goals must be scored outside of the ______ ______. Goalie crease
The broom may not be raised above the _____. Waist
Although the ball can be kicked, it can't be kicked into the ____. Goal
True/False: Body checking (pushing) is allowed. False
True/False: Tripping and/or unnecessary roughness is not allowed. True
Only the ______ may use his/her hands to stop the ball. Goalie
A lofted ball (a ball hit into the air) must be allowed to drop to the _____. (Except for a shot in a goal) Floor
Players (are/are not) allowed to bat down balls. Are not
Created by: oliva.muchnik
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