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Canada Today

section three

Canada Section 3 Canada Today
Governing Canada
Canada is a ____cultural mosaic ________________________________________.
People from different areas retain their______cultural identity ___________________________.
Canada _________________________ is bilingual and multicultural with both ____French _______
and _________English_______________ as their national languages.
Historical Ties to Britain
Canada and England have a long relationship. The British _________Queen Elizabeth II________
is Head of State.
1982 ______Charter of Rights and Freedom_____________________________was created. It is Canada’s own constitution.
Canada’s government is a _________constitutional monarchy _____________________ where the power
of the king or queen is limited by the constitution.
Canada has __________three____________ branches of government: executive,
legislative, and judicial.
There is a balance of _________power__________ between federal government and the provinces and territories.
Heads of State
The Executive Branch:
The ___________________governor general_____________ represent the Queen.
The _________________prime minister_______________ is in charge of determining
government policies and steering legislation in Canada.
The Legislative Branch:
The leader of the majority party in the _________House of Commons_________________
becomes the ________________prime minister __________________________.
There are _____no________ divisions between executive and legislative branches.
Canada’s Role in the World
Canada’s most important trading partner is _____________the United States_________________.
Passage in 1994 of ___________NAFTA____________ includes trade with Mexico.
Canada also belongs to the World Trade Organization (WTO). Canada has more ______export__________ than ______imports____________.
Canada is a member of the______________United Nations_____________________ (UN).
Canada sends __________peace keepers ___________ to help guard borders and to protect people, not to fight battles.
The Cultural Mosaic
Canada is a ____________plure society _______________. This means Canada’s distinctive cultural, ethnic, and racial groups are encourage to maintain their own identities and culture.
Canada’s ______________immigrant_______________________ population has grown and become more diverse, including people from Asia, Africa, Caribbean, and Latin America.
______________Immgrants________________ make up 70% of all labor force growth in Canada.
There are efforts to curb ________________Americanization_______________ of Canadian culture.
There are _______Laws________ that TV and radio programs must have a certain percentage
of “Canadian content.”
Canada pop ______________Culture/music___________________ is on the rise.
Created by: 194562
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