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APUSH Ch. 26

APUSH Period 6 Revie

Buffalo Soldiers Name for African Americans by the Indians fighting in the U. S. army
Sand Creek Massacre 1864, Colorado, Chivington's militia killed 400 Indians who had been promised immunity
Sitting Bull Taken refuge in Canada after the Battle of Little Bighorn
George Custer "Boy general" of Civil War fame, turned into Indian fighter
Battle of Little Bighorn 1876, Montana, Custer's 7th Cavalry of 264 were killed by 2,500 Indians
Chief Joseph Surrendered after he traveled to Canada
Geronimo Lead tribes from Arizona and New Mexico, hated whites, pushed into Mexico by federal troops
Firewater White people's diseases
How was the west "won"? White men killed/drove out a majority of the Indians living there
Why were buffaloes the "staff of life" for Native Americans? They provided food for them
What role did the railroad play in the receding native population? Buffalo was main food supply for railroaders/construction workers, killed for sport, and almost extinct at one point
Century of Dishonor 1881, Helen Hunt Jackson, about the government's ruthlessness and chicanery in dealing with the Indians
Dawes Act 1887, dissolved tribes as legal entities, wiped out tribal ownership of land, set up Indian family heads with 160 acres of land, if they were good, they'd receive title to ownings and citizenship
Where was gold and silver found? California (pay dirt), Colorado (more miners than minerals), Nevada (populated the state), Montana, Idaho, and other western states.
Long Drive Texas cowboys drove herds (1,000-10,000) to railroad terminals
Homestead Act For $30, someone could get 160 acres of land, live on it for five years, and improve it
Thesis in Turners' "The Significance of the Frontier in American History"? "American history has been in a large degree the history of the colonization of the Great West"
Safety Valve Theory During hard times, the unemployed in cluttered cities moved west to pick up farming and prospered
Farmer Organizations Focused on single cash crops (wheat/corn) and use profits to buy what they wanted
Grangers Enhance the lives of farmers through social, educational, and fraternal activities
Oliver Kelly Founded the Grange (powerful political force in western farmers)
Greenback Labor Party Wanted to improve the lot of labor
Farmer's alliance Wanted to stop the railroads and manufacturers with cooperative buying and selling
Populist Party/People's Party Called for the nationalization of railroads, telegraphs, and telephones, wanted free and unlimited coinage of silver to promote inflation
Coxey's Army Demanded that the government relieved unemployment by an inflationary public works program
Pullman Strike Pullman Palace Car Company lowered wages due to the depression causing workers to strike
Eugene vs. Debs Labor leader, helped organize American Railway Union (150,000 members)
Olney Urged the dispatch of federal troops, thought strikers were interfering with the transit of U. S. mail
Candidates/platforms of the election of 1896 McKinley (former congressman, republican) and Bryan (democrat)
Hanna Organized McKinley's preconvention campaign
Who won the election of 1896? McKinley
Created by: archergirl
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