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Late 1800's

challenges in the late 1800's vocabulary

confined forced to stay within a small area
reservations specific areas set aside by the US government for the Indians' use
assimilate to bring into conformity with the customs, attitudes, etc., of a group, nation, or the like; adapt or adjust
confrontation a hostile encounter
vigilante any person who takes the law into his or her own hands, as in payback for a crime
administer to manage, direct or have executive charge of
silt small particles of sediment carried in the water
squatter one who makes a place their own without paying for it
transcontinental from the Atlantic to the Pacific
open - range system property on which livestock roamed freely
Exodusters African American homesteaders
What was the spoils system? This was used when politicians awarded government jobs to loyal party workers, even if they did not have the qualification
What were political machines? In large cities, these were often run by "bosses" or a small group of people who worked to win the loyalty of immigrants by promising solutions to problems, etc.
What is the civil service? This was reformed so that one would have to prove their expertise to get and/or maintain a federal job in the executive branch.
What is the gold standard? This is used to describe the fact that paper money is measured by this commodity.
corruption dishonest or illegal behavior
integrity quality of being honest and having high moral principles
manipulate exert influence or practice deception to obtain an advantage
What is a regulation? This is an official rule or law that is used to control businesses or other groups.
interest the amount that a lender charges a borrower for the use of a loan
What is used to break through the granite in order to continue to build the railroad? nitroglycerin
What group of laborers did the most dangerous work on the railroad? Chinese immigrants
What insect plagued the Great Plains in the late 1800's? locusts
The Great Plains was called the ________________ of the country. breadbasket
What item became known as "green gold" out west? lumber
The lasso dates back to the _______________________. Egyptians
What innovation did Glidden create that changed the open range forever? barbed wire
What does Sears create that changes the way people buy things? mail order catalog
Created by: Ms. Marshall