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20th Century GA

Maynard Jackson first African-American or Black mayor of a major southern city
Andrew Young important civil rights leader who served as U.S. ambassador to the United Nations and Mayor of Atlanta; was also instrumental in bringing the 1996 Olympic Games to Atlanta.
Jimmy Carter only United States President from Georgia; also a Georgia state senator and governor, and winner of the Nobel Peace Prize.
1996 Olympic Games an international athletic event that occurs every four years; awarded to Atlanta and the state of Georgia; Georgia has benefited economically due to the games
short-term impacts removal of the urban decay that downtown Atlanta, creation of Centennial Olympic Park led to the development of the area to include new apartments, hotels and business structures.
long-term impacts gave Atlanta international name recognition with the city showing that it was capable of hosting such a major event and being the home of the busiest airport in the world, Atlanta has become a hub for conventions and sporting events
Plains, GA Where Jimmy Carter was born
tourism the commercial organization and operation of vacations and visits to places of interest; one of the states largest industries, 5th largest employer,
Savannah Harbor the fourth-busiest container port in the U. S. and is the fastest growing port
Film Industry in GA is rapidly becoming a major player in the industry. Due to encouraging financial incentives, the diversity of locations for filming, and growing production resources and professional support, GA is the destination for film production
Created by: aburke18
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