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Flavin MCS107 2018

Flavin MCS107 2018 Infection Control Ch 20

To reduce transmission of disease you should ____ before and after each patient. wash hands
A _____ is an unaffected person that can transmit infection. carrier
___ care will relieve symptoms. palliative
___ is classified according to their shape, or morphology. bacteria
2 reasons why abx resistance occurs. Improper use and the wrong abx
Describe the portal of exit. mouth, nose, eyes, ears
___release of chemical agents occur and attract WBC to site. chemotaxis
___ is a quick onset and short duration. acute
___ means no symptoms. asymptomatic
___ infection persistent infection in which symptoms cycle through periods of relapse and remission. Latent
DOB date of birth
tx treatment
s/s signs and symptoms
abx antibiotics
C&S culture and sensitivity
white cells are aka Leukocytes
Hands should be washed with what temperature? warm
How many sides to your hands and fingers? five
Are food, drinks or cell phones allowed in lab? negative
3 things that harm the immune system are: Inflammation, smoking, alcohol, poor diet, lack of sleep
You should put the DOS on every page front and back. True
Created by: Iteach4Docs