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8 Hist Ch 10 BJU AR

Adams & Clay "corrupt bargain" was supposedly between these men
American System program Henry Clay devised to pay for internal improvements such as roads, canals, lighthouses, & observatories
Andrew Jackson He was sent to Florida to stop smugglers at the border
Andrew Jackson "Old Hickory"
Andrew Jackson He won the most popular votes & most electoral votes in 1824...but still lost the election.
Andrew Jackson leader and victor of the Battle of Horseshoe Bend
autocracy government by one powerful ruler
caucus a closed meeting of party leaders to choose a candidate
Democratic Party new political party formed around Andrew Jackson & his supporters
election of 1828 included mudslinging, beginning of the Democratic Party & use of banners, broadsides, testimonials, barbecues & parades.
Era of Good Feelings This period was characterized by low voter interest, small voter turnout, & little popular influence on choice of candidates
Florida state bought from Spain in 1819 for $5 million
Florida Where Indians & runaway slaves ran back to after attacking southern settlers
Henry Clay Secretary of State after the election
House of Representatives they decided the outcome of the election of 1824
incumbent current officeholder who is running again for the same office
interstate commerce the selling & transporting of goods from state to another
James McCulloch federal cashier sued for breaking a Maryland law
James Monroe He was sympathetic to the new republics in Latin American & established diplomatic relations with them.
James Monroe His warnings stopped Europe from intervening in the Americas.
James Monroe president during the "Era of Good Feelings"?
James Monroe Which one of these men did NOT run for president in 1824...John Quincy Adams, Henry Clay, Andrew Jackson or James Monroe?
John C. Calhoun vice president for John Quincy Adams & Andrew Jackson
John Quincy Adams He came across as a cold, distant and unexciting leader.
John Quincy Adams He served in Congress after he was president
Latin America established new republics which were weak and overtaken by military leaders
Maine When Missouri joined the union as a free state this state entered as a free state.
McCulloch v. Maryland ruled the the "power to tax includes the power to destroy"
McCulloch v. Maryland Supreme Court case that determined the power of the national government over the states government
mestizos half Indian and half European
Missouri Compromise established 36*30' as a boundary
Missouri Compromise temporary, not long term, solution to slave issue between the Northern and Sourthern states
Monroe Doctrine statement proposed by U.S. alone to establish its strength and position with other countries in the world
mudslinging making malicious statements about opponents
Not supportive How Americans felt about JQA's ideas to improve the national economy, promote art, literature & science.
Principles of Monroe Doctrine see notes & pg. 183 (there are 4 principles) 5-7 sentences
Russia foreign power claiming much of the Pacific coast
Simon Bolivar He called for the first Pan-American Conference
the tariff of abominations what the Southerners called the tariff passed in 1828
western banks in this region helped create the Panic of 1819
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