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U.S. History Unit 2

SSUSH 6 & 7

What is the Cabinet? Started by Washington made up of the VP & heads of the 15 executive departments.
Title for the chief executive by Washington? "Mr.President"
Precedent set on length of time in office and when it ended. 2 terms; Franklin Roosevelt
Washington warned when leaving office? Nation is in jeopardy if political parties formed
Adam's presidency plagued with what country? France
Sedition Act? Made it a crime to write, speak or publish anything of false nature about govt officials
Why did sedition acts affect the election of 1800 hurt John Adams chances of re-election
Result of victory of the War of 1812? A new American Identity
Monroe Doctrine. U.S. would prevent European Nations from interfering with independent American countries.
Alien & Sedition Acts Laws increasing citizenship requirements
NW Ordinance Provided for the NW territories and set forth steps for which its subdivisions might become states
Lewis & Clarke men sent on govt-funded expedition to map Lousiana & western land all the way to the Pacific Ocean
Jacksonian Democracy? sought stronger presidencyand weaker congress.
Created by: Cammied123