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misdemeanor minor crime
jury group of ppl who give a verdict in a trial
suffrage right to vote
felony major crime
grand jury 12 ppl who listen to a testimony & decide if information is sufficiant enough to attend court
nepotism favoritism based on relationship
referendum allows voters to reject amendments to the Constitution
lobby/lobbyist group of ppl who try to persuade someone
home rule local governments allowed to govern own affairs
initiative petition to put amendment on the ballot
gubernatorial related to governor
1st article bill of rights
5th article judicial department
2nd article distribution of powers
4th article executive department
3rd article legislative department
judicial department interprets constitution
executive department enforces law
legislative department makes laws
governor elected by ppl
lietinant gov. see's over senate
Secretary of state keeper od state seal
state auditor keeper of books
treasurer manages state funds
attorny general provides legal advice for state officials
governor inforces laws
succession of governor (blank)
3rd in line for succession of the governer speaker of house
7th in line for succession of the governer attorny general
5th in line for succession of the governer state auditor
6th in line for succession of the governer state treasurer
court order 1st--supreme court *_____* 2nd--court of appeals *_____*3rd&4th--circuit&associate courts*_____*5th--municipal courts
Municipal court inculdes Probate** _____** Magestrate
Eastern District St. Louis -------14
Western District Kansas City-------11
Southern District Springfeild-------7
___ counties ___ ___ ____ __ __ _____ 114-------and the City od St. Louis
Municipalities Cities---Villages---Towns
Types of Governments Mayor-council form<><>Comission form<><>council-manager form<><>trustee village
General Elections 1st tuesday after 1st monday in Novmber
primary elections 1st tuesday in august.
who were 1st inhibitants indian mound builders
africans were probably 1st white men !!!!!FALSE!!!!! ~~~~ what is the answer?
who sold territory to US in 1803? Napoleon of France
MO was part of what territory? Louisiana
in 1810 MO applied to congress to become an ocean FALSE~~~~ what is the answer?
In 1821 congress organized the MO territory FALSE~~~~ what is the answer?
did MO inter the union as a slave state? what year did this happen? YES<><>1820
Missouri was addmitted to the union as a state on what date? August 10, 1821
MO was the 24th state of the US TRUE
Did many side w/ the confederacy during the civil war while other MO remained in the union? YES
MO has had 4 consituions TRUE
the last constitution was written in May 7, 1992 FASLE~~~~what is the answer?
members of senate 34
members of house 163
term limit for house 2 yrs
term for senate 4 yrs
age for house 24
age for senate 30
yrs qualified voter for senate 3
qualified voter for house 2
there are 13 elected offials FALSE~~~ how many? 6 elected officials
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