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LH Test Unit: Civil

How did Radical Republicans want to treat the South after the war? Want to punish former confederate soldiers; help former slaves
In Louisiana's last meeting to reenter the Union what was determines? No representatives will be seated in from the LA in US congress
The provisions of the 1868 Louisiana constitution included.... 1: granted voting rights to African American men 2: it required African Americans to have equal access to business 3:abolished LA black codes
What are all the results of the Compromise of 1877 (election)? 1: weather behave president 2: troop removed out of south 3: reconstruction ended 4: democrats will take control of southern government
Why did the union army have to secure Port Hudson? Trying to gain control of Mississippi River
Louisiana was supposed to respond to the Emancipation Proclamation by doing what? which states were included in it? supposed to free all slaves; only confederate states
Give a statement to describe the overall Union strategy of the Civil War. The union attacked resources and property
Using a map--what was the goal of the Red River Campaign To move towards Texas an Arkansas
Name the plan of the Union plan to surround and divide the Confederacy The anaconda plan
List all the successes to the Union's war efforts in New Orleans 1: push northward and take Baton Rouge 2: union occupies city establish new laws 3: LA became desperate as union troop took possession 4:union troop were allowed to disrespect women
How did the Confederacy gain new soldiers as the number of volunteers declined? 1: offered them awards 2: pass the conscription act
What was the Confiscation Act the union could take confederate things
What was the first state to leave the Union? The first state was South Carolina
Explain the outcome of the Louisiana secession convention. What was the impact of the passing of secession? The people wanted to secession won the majority. LA immediately seceded
What was the main source of economy in the North during the Antebellum period? Industrial
Describe the traits of the social structure in the south during the Antebellum period Small towns, little to know education, slow population growth
Name some examples of how the abolitionist movement grew during the 1830's 1: anti-slavery publications were produced 2: American anti-slavery society resumed petitions demand congress end slavery
Who was Dred Scott and why was his case important? Red Scott os told that he is property
What was the requirement of President Johnson for southern states to be readmitted? Had to abolish slavery
What were all the requirements of Louisiana to be readmitted? 1: 10% of white voters swear loyalty to the union 2: adopt a new constitution and abolish slavery 3: elect new officials who create a new government
Which amendment made slavery illegal in all American states? The 13th amendment
The goals of the Freedmen's Bureau were..... 1: provide emergency relief to poor southerners 2: create schools for former slaves 3: preform marriages on freed people 4: help freed people and former slaves cooperate
Explain the provisions of the 14th amendment. 1: declare all people born in us citizens 2: all citizens would determine state representatives 3: based confederate officials from holding office 4: declared confederate war debts, illegal
15th amendment guaranteed that it was illegal to do what? Could not take away the right to vote
What Meade the election of 1876 controversial? It was to decided by vote
What was the White League and what did they do to the Republicans at Coushatta? White league formed by former confederate, goal was to put confederates back in power, republicans are captured and killed
Who were Ulysses S. Grant and Robert E. Lee during the Civil war? They are generals; Ulysses S. Grant was the union general and Robert E. Lee was the confederate general
What was the last city to be the capital of Louisiana during the Civil War and who was the governor? Shreveport; Henry Allen
How was New Orleans captured and who took over after it fell to union forces? Captured by bombarding the forts and forcing out the troops; general Benjamin Butler
Created by: kalynnlee
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