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NOCTI Review Welding


. A class A fire extinguisher can be safely used on a/an________ fire. Wood Grease Electrical Magnesium Wood
When medium gas welding, a number _______ filter lens should be used. 2 4 6 8 6
On a drawing with a scale of 1‐inch equals 15‐feet, a line_______inches represents 40 feet. 1.27‐inches 1.45‐inches 2.67‐inches 2.85‐inches 2.67‐inches
Information contained in the tail of a welding symbol might include Type of weld Location of weld Welding dimensions Welding process Welding process
A neutral oxygen‐acetylene flame has a temperature range of 500 to 550 ̊F 580 to 630 ̊F 5000 to 5500 ̊F 5800 to 6300 ̊F 5800 to 6300 ˚F
Use the same style cutting tip for both natural gas and Acetylene Propane Propylene Mapp Propane
When opening an acetylene cylinder, rotate the cylinder valve a maximum of 1⁄2 turn 1 turn 1 1⁄2 turns 2 turns 1 1/2 turns
Electrodes used for CAC‐A are made of graphite or Brass Carbon Magnesium Steel Carbon
In air carbon arc cutting, compressed air is used to Cool the work piece Dislodge molten material Oxidize with fuel Provide ventilation Dislodge molten material
Which metal is is a ferrous metal? Aluminum Iron Copper Gold Iron
The process of heating a metal and slow cooling it in order to toughen it and reduce brittleness is known as Tempering Carbonizing Annealing Smelting Annealing
The ability of a metal to withstand shock loading is known as its Toughness Hardness Ductility Malleability Toughness
If one pound of E‐6010 SMAW electrode costs $0.452 per pound, 80 pounds would cost 34.27 36.16 38.53 40.12 36.16
When using reverse polarity, the electrode will be Positive Negative Alternating Neutral Positive
When a transformer type welding machine with a rectifier is in operation, the electrode is supplied with Alternating current Direct current Higher amperages Higher voltages Direct current
What is the tensile strength of an E6012 electrode? a) 600 psi b) 6000 psi c) 60,000 psi d) 600,000 psi 60,000 psi
A common welding problem is poor penetration. One of the causes of this problem is a) Electrode too small b) Parts clamped incorrectly c) Current too low d) Arc too long Current too low
In GMAW, pieces of electrode sticking to the weld joint are known as a) Projectors b) Stragglers c) Hairlines d) Whiskers Whiskers
One possible type of metal transfer when employing the GMAW consumable electrode process is ____________ transfer. a) Constant b) Circuited c) Intermittent d) Globular Globular
On GMAW welding machine controls, the wire feed speed is used to control a) Voltage b) Amperage c) Polarity d) Resistance Amperage
A consumable in the GTAW process would include a) Voltage b) Amperage c) Polarity d) Resistance Collets
A constant current power supply is required for a) GMAW b) GTAW c) FCAW d) SAW GTAW
An example of an inert gas is a) Helium b) Oxygen c) Chlorine d) Nitrogen dioxide Helium
In GTAW of aluminum, the most common shielding gas used is a) Pure argon b) 75% argon / 25% helium c) 10% argon / 90% helium d) Pure helium Pure argon
Created by: mabasile
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