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SS Jackson

He was Father of Middle TN.
What revolution changed how people worked by new machinery inventions?
Who was the first US president to widely use VETO power? Andrew Jackson (which presidential power did he use a lot?)
Did Andrew Jackson win his first Presidential race? No, he did not win his first Presidential race in 1824.
What was the Corrupt Bargain? Jackson won the election, but congress made the final vote and selected John Quincy Adams. Henry Clay = Secretary of State
Things Andrew Jackson did. Rise of the Democratic Party (slave owners, frontier settlers, small farmers), common man, Jeffersonian Democracy, Closed National Bank (they favored rich businessmen)
What did the North want to protect their business? Tariff on imported goods (among states)
Who was Jackson,s VP? Calhoun
Why were native Americans kicked out? Settlers viewed them as obstacles for progress (expanding into the west) and below humans.
Who created the first Native American alphabet? Sequoia created this.
What is Treaty of Echota? In English: We will give you land out West.
What did Jackson and Calhoun disagree about? Tariffs - Calhoun sided with southern states and didn’t like them. Calhoun resigned as VP.
What is the Trail of Tears? Native Americans forced to move out west. Many died. They did not want to leave their lands.
What was the temperance movement? A movement to stop drinking alcohol
A women’s rights leader and abolitionist. “ain’t I a woman” Sojourner Truth
What was the crop in Memphis? Cotton was a big crop in what city?
How was Reelfoot Lake formed? It was formed off the Mississippi River by the New Madrid earthquakes in 1811-1812.
What act forced Native Americans to move west? The Indian Removal act of 1830?
SC tried to nullify tarries, Jackson sent troops to SC.
Who vetoed the Second National Bank? Jackson vetoed the bank
Who supported the Jacksonian democracy? The common man supported him because he was one.
What is Manifest Destiny The new settlers felt God led them to conquer the western lands,
Sectionalism: what was northern economy, what was southern economy? North = supported tariffs, no slaves, industry South = no tarrifs, slaves, farming
How did Henry Clay want to run America? He built canals, roads, wanted tarrifs.
What canal was built to help shipping? Erie Canal?
Why were new people coming to the US? Leaving famine, sickness, religious issues in their countries.
Why did many Irish people come to the US? Potato famine
What type of reform movements started? Better education, mental health, suffrage (right to vote), temperance (no drinking).
Dorothea Dix did... Supported women’s rights, and women’s right to vote.
What route did settlers follow to the far west Oregon trail
Why did Mormons follow the Mormon trail? Mormons followed it to avoid persecution
Texas war for independence from Mexico Alamo, Texas wanted to be a state or have US support
Famous Tennessean who fought in the Alamo Davy Crockett
Who were on the two sides in the Alamo Mexico vs US & Texas
What was the Mexican war for? California, New Mexico, Arizona
Who was president during the Mexican war? James K Polk was president when this happened.
What was the Wilmer Provisio? A law to end slavery in the southwest. It didn’t pass.
In 1848 US people hurried to California to look for this. Gold! California Gold Rush
49ers People who moved to CA to find gold in 1849.
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