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Chapter 14

Chapter 14 Study Guide

Frederick W. Taylor An early proponent of scientific management.
Henry Ford Revolutionized automobile production.
Al Capone Controlled Chicago's underworld.
Cecil B. DeMille Created biblical epics such as The Ten Commandments.
Eliot Ness Organized an elite squad of detectives to go after gangsters.
Babe Ruth Legendary baseball player such as Lou Gehrig, and Ty Cobb.
Clarence Darrow Defense attorney who represented John Scopes.
Paul Robeson Was one of the most critically acclaimed actors of the 1920's.
Langston Hughes Harlem Renaissance poet who dealt with issues of African American cultural heritage.
Charles Lindbergh Became the first pilot to fly nonstop from New York to Paris.
The Volstead Act The name of the act that started prohibition in the 20s.
Most consumers in the 1920's used____ to pay for their cars. Installment Plans
Jazz emerged during the early 1900's in the city of___ New Orleans
Which amendment dealt with the prohibition of alcohol? The 18th Amendment
Most women during the 1920's pursued____careers. Traditionally female
The era of silent films began in the______ Early 1920s.
Athlete Jim Thorpe became known as_____
Prohibition led to_____ A rise in crime.
The prosecuting attorney in the Scopes trial was_____ Clarence Darrow
_______declined in popularity during the 1920's
The American writers whose work reflected their disillusionment with society____ Were labeled the Lost Generation.
Most advertisements during the 1920's targeted_______ Women
Did assembly lines provide better advancement opportunities? False
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