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1920's Vocab

Electrification-1 This technological improvement led to labor-saving-products that changed how Americans lived their day to day lives
Bootleggers-2 Smugglers who illegally transported or created alcohol to be sold during the Prohibition era
21st Amendment-3 Amendment that repealed the 18th Amendment
Prosperity A term describing a condition of wealth
Temperance A social movement against the use of alcoholic beverages
Great Migration Mass movement of southern blacks moving to the North and West
Mobility A term meaning on the move
Prohibition The period of time when alcohol was illegal
Red Scare when society had a fear of Communism
18th Amendment Amendment that made alcoholic beverages illegal
Suffrage The movement that gave women rights
Speakeasies An illegal bar or saloon where alcohol flowed freely
Harlem Rennaissance Cultural rebirth in African American communities
Intolerance against things that are new
Immigration Act of 1924 Legislation that limited the number of immigrants in US
19th Amendment Amendment that women the right to vote
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