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2018 L. America TEST

historical development of Latin America

How did the Cuban Revolution in 1959 affect the Cuban people? Castro created a communist government. The government took over ALL businesses, so successful people felt like Castro stole from them. Laws were passed limiting citizens' freedoms of speech, press, religion.
Why did poor people support Castro? Poor people supported Castro because their healthcare and education improved.
Why did Castro want to strengthen relations with the Soviet Union? The USSR and Cuba both had a communist government. Castro began to trade weapons, foods and goods with the Soviets.
What is a result of the U.S. putting an embargo on Cuba? the Cuban economy suffered
What would be a problem on the border of Mexico and the United States? illegal drug trafficking
Why would people emigrate from Mexico to the U.S.? for jobs & better opportunities for their children
Which 2 countries were in conflict during the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962? the Soviet Union (USSR) and the United States (U.S.)
What happens when there is a communist government established? There is less freedom for the citizens
Which country had the biggest impact on language and religion in Latin America? Spain
Latin America is very culturally diverse. Which ethnic groups blended culturally? European, African, and Natives (indigenous people)
Which centuries did Spain and Portugal colonize many Latin American nations? 15th and 16th (1492=15th century) Tip- 00 stays the same all other bump up one
Why is Brazil different from Mexico? Brazilians speak Portuguese and Mexicans speak Spanish
Why did slavery occur in the Americas? the Europeans killed off the indigenous people in war and by the silent killer - diseases.
Spain and Portugal are located on which peninsula in Europe? the Iberian Penisula
What religions is most prevalent in Latin America? Roman Catholicism
What is your teacher's favorite sport? tennis
Created by: ssha13



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