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Industrial Rev!

Going over the basics of the Am. Ind. Rev.

What is the Cotton Gin? An invention that helped get seeds out of the cotton lint. It also increase the need for more slaves!
What started the Industrial Revolution? The War of 1812 cut off European trade, so the U.S. had to make its own goods.
What was the benefit of the mechanized reaper? This helped to increase agricultural or farming production, cutting through crops easier.
What were the two inventions Eli Whitney invented? Cotton Gin and Interchangeable Parts.
Why did the North have more factories than the South? South had good soil to plant large areas of cotton and other crops. North had better transportation with canals and railroads, more people for workers, so it was easier to build factories here.
What were two innovations that made travel and shipping cheaper and faster? Railroads and steamboats.
In what way did interchangeable parts help make goods cheaper and easier to make? Manufactured goods became easier to repair and make by having identical parts for each good, especially for guns.
What does efficient or efficiently mean? Making something more productive with less effort or making it easier.
What is the Industrial Revolution? A transition, or change, from goods being made by hand at homes to goods made by machines in factories.
Tell how the factory system affected manufactured goods. Factories were able to make goods much faster and also with less the price. It did make skilled job less needed and used more unskilled workers, making less pay.
Bessemer Process help make was cheaper and easier? Steel!
What was the telegraph? A communication through a wire with electrical signals. Morse Code was used to communicate through the wires.
What was the work day like in a factory at this time? Awful! At least 10 to 12 hour days, very little pay, and very unsafe. Large number of women and children also worked in the factories.
How was a young woman working in a factory different than a slave working in a cotton field? The woman is paid, though little, for her labor. If she does a bad job she will no longer have a job. Slave was not paid for their labor. If a slave did a bad job, they would be punished and put back to work.
Created by: MrJamesIMMS



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