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AP Study Notes Vocab

4 thru 6 Vocabulary Quiz

headright the right to acquire a certain amount of land, (50 acres), granted to the person who finances the passage of a laborer or family member
disenfranchise to take away someone's right to vote
middle passage the portion of the triangle trade that transported Africans to America to begin their lives as slaves
menial lacking prestige or not requiring much skill
militia an armed force of citizens who are usually called out to defend only in emergencies; "full time farmers/part time farmers"
sect a group that has separated from an established church; a nonconformist church
gentry wealthy landowners with social standing
domestic concerning the internal affairs of a country
mutinous willful disobedience or revolt by subordinate soldiers against their commander
strategic carefully designed or planned movement or placement of military forces in order to gain an advantage
guerilla warfare unconventional combat of the time waged by the smaller military units of the colonies that used a type of "hit and run" tactic
seige a military tactic which surrounds and attacks a particular area for a sustained period of time
insurrection a rebellion against political authorities
mercantilism an economic theory which subjected the colonial economy to be subordinated for the benefit of the British empire
protective tariffs taxes on imported goods to raise their prices so that people would support domestic producers
virtual representation the theory that a class of persons would be represented in a lawmaking body without having the benefit of a direct vote
non-importation agreement pledges to boycott certain goods from abroad
duty a customs tax on the export and/or import of goods
desert to leave official or military service without permission
denounce to PUBLICLY state that something is wrong
evade to avoid something, i.e., escape paying (tax or duty), especially by illegitimate presentation of one's finances
autonomy having freedom from external control or influence; independence
unalienable cannot be taken away or transferred to another
disperse to move in different directions or to spread apart
ally a person, group, or country that has joined with another to achieve a common purpose
virtuous "honest and moral"
misguided influenced by goals that are wrong or improper
Pontiac's Rebellion Native Americans groups surprised and captured British forts during the spring of 1763 as a result of British settlers encroaching on their lands in the Ohio River Valley as well as western Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Virginia.
Join, or Die political cartoon created by Benjamin Franklin in support of the Albany Plan of Union
salutary neglect England's policy of allowing its colonies local self-rule
minutemen Patriot militia who responded quickly to calls for soldiers
republic a country which provides opportunities to reward merit rather than inherited privilege; a state in which supreme power is held by the people and their elected representatives, and which has an elected or nominated president rather than a monarch
natural rights an Enlightenment idea that believes that we are born with certain liberties that cannot be taken away by a government
mercenaries Hessians or "soldiers who fought for hire"
manumission voluntary freeing of slaves by their owners
Bloody Massacre propaganda by Paul Revere used to depict "the brutality" of the British soldiers in Massachusetts
Proclamation of 1763 Britain's attempt to appease the Native Americans after the end of the French and Indian War which set the Appalachian Mountains as the boundary for English colonists' westward expansion.
Treaty of Paris 1783 recognized American independence and granted generous boundaries to the United States, (as if it was theirs to give!)
Treaty of Paris 1763 ended the French and Indian War with British victory which allowed them to keep Canada, the Great Lakes region, the Ohio River Valley and Florida
Created by: Ms. Marshall