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What type of hammer do you use to do light chiseling? Riveting
What type of hammer do you use for double seeming lids Setting
What type of punch do you use to align fastener holes into pieces of metal Drift
What layout tool do you use to mark cut lines on metal surfaces Scriber
The included angle of a center punch point should be 90 degrees
What is used to determine the depth of the corrosion pit Depth guage
The unit of measurement used with a scale is the gram
What type of metal-cutting snips is known as tinner’s snips straight
What type of file do you use to sharpen the blades of cutting tools Single-cut.
What is the best file to use on a concave surface? Half-round
What type of file is used primarily for sharpening circular saws and edge tools mill
What type of chisel is best suited for cutting slots and keyway? cape
What type of chisel is best for cutting V-shaped grooves? Diamond point
When you’re cutting solid stock aluminum how many teeth per inch are recommended for the hacksaw blade? 18
How many teeth per inch are recommended on a hacksaw blade used for cutting thick wall tubing? 24
Which lever shear can cut sheet metal of unlimited length or width? throatless
You can ensure a reciprocating saw is cutting properly by selecting a blade pitch where at least two teeth will cut at all time
To use the job selector dial on a contour metal cutting saw you must know the material’s composition and thickness
What do you adjust to make the contour metal cutting saw blade track properly? Tilting wheel
What type of grinding wheel do you use when you’re grinding aluminum using a bench grinder? Silicon carbide.
What is the maximum safe gap between the wheel and the work rest of the pedestal grinder? 1/8"
What is the maximum bed gap allowed when using a powered disc sander? 1/8"
The machine capacity of a rotary punch is found on the front of each die holder.
The largest twist drill the chuck on a hand drill can normally accommodate is 1/4"
The flutes on twist drills are necessary because they provide a means of chip removal
The included angle of a twist drill used for most metals is 118°.
When using a microstop countersink, each increment of the micrometer adjustment increases or decreases the depth-of-cut by 0.001 inch
Rivet holes that will be dimpled using hand-dimpling dies are drilled to the correct size after dimpling.
What makes coin-dimpling superior to the radius-dimpling The sliding coining ram of the female die
When using a microshaver, you set it how many thousandths of an inch above the skin? 0.002
What adjustment is required when the bar folder does not operate freely? Thickness.
What do you adjust if the cornice brake bends a piece of metal excessively at one end? top leaf
You can form a conical shape with the slip roll former by setting the back roller at an angle
When stretching and shrinking, the edge of flanges can crack and split as the result of repeating the strokes too long in one spot
Which forming process involves using a smooth-face dolly? bumping
Which hand-forming operation refers to the reduction of an area of a piece of metal? Shrinking
What do you usually use as a support during the bumping process? sandbag
A blowhorn stake is best suited for shaping objects with abrupt tapers
What do you select to rivet, form, and seam square- or rectangular-shaped materials? solid mandrel stake
Which method of cutting an extruded angle is usually more satisfactory because it is faster and easier, and affects the metal less? V-Block
If you need to add additional crimps to shrink a formed angle, you place them between the original crimps
When forming a flange by shrinking you start hammering on an angle at the center, working gradually toward both ends
When you're hand forming an angle by shrinking, the flange tends to buckle at the bend
When forming a flange by stretching you start hammering on an angle near the ends, working gradually to the center
If the material is not held flat against the face of the form during the bumping process it will buckle
In what series TO can you find specific equipment maintenance inspection and maintenance requirements? 34
What grit sandpaper do you use to properly removed oxidation from the bare metal of a machine surface? 400
What AFTO form is used to document equipment MX? 244, industrial/support equipment record
What section of the AFTO form 244 is used to document equipment discrepancies? part V
When documenting equipment discrepancies, what does a Red X denote on an AFTO form 244? unsafe condition
Of the metals listed: Zinc, Gold, SIlver, Cast Iron, which of these is ferrous? cast iron.
A metal that can be hammered, rolled or pressed into various shapes without breaking has a high degree of malleability
The relationship between the strength of a material and its weight per cubic inch is the strength/weight ratio
What metal property is defined as the resistance of a metal being pulled apart by a slowly applied load? Tensile strength
What metal property is defined as the resistance to a cutting action like the cutting done by a pair of scissors? shear strength
For rivet and bolt applications it is especially important to consider what type of stress? Shear
What stresses occur when you bend a piece of metal in a cornice brake? tension and compression
The heat-treatable aluminum alloy that offers the best weldability is 6061
If you had to select an aluminum alloy that is high in strength without a substantial loss in workability, which alloy should you select? 5052
When reaming holes in aluminum, the most probable cause of the reamer starting to scrape and swedge the material , rather than cut it is that the holes were drilled oversize
What TO has info on the designations and ID of titanium? 1-1a-9
What is the coarsest abrasive sheet or emery paper you can use to blend out long, deep scratches on titanium? 120 grit
What is the world's lightest structural metal? magnesium
When cutting magnesium alloy sheet metal you should never use a nibbler
Which steel alloy would you chose for corrosion resistance and hardness? Chromium
When you substitute a thinner metal that is stronger than an original metal, you decrease torsional strength
What are reasons why composite-bonded materials are being used in place of conventional materials? weight reduction, cost effectiveness, and strength to weight ratio
Besides being cost effective, composite materials have excellent fatigue- and corrosion -resistance qualities
Which fiberglass assembly consists of two or more layers of fiberglass cloth bonded together with the aid of heat and pressure? laminated
Fiberglass radomes and parts are constructed using a fiberglass honeycomb core with fiberglass face plies
what is the identifying color for Aramid/epoxy materials? yellow-gold
How is metal-bonded honeycomb panel constructed? a core bonded between two metal facings
What area of a metal bonded honeycomb panel is referred to as the transition area? area between the flat section of the panel and the panel attachment area
What IDs the transparent plastics used on AF acft? MIL Spec number on the part
The product of multiplying 5/6 x 3/5 is 1/2
Which statement best describes the relationship between blueprints and mechanical drawings? blueprints are another name for mechanical drawings
To locate a specific point on a blueprint, you use letters and zone numbers
In all drawings, what term represents the longest horizontal dimension of a plane figure? length
On a plane surface drawing, what is the longest horizontal dimension that is represented at right angles to the length? width
A thin line having alternating and evenly spaced long and short dashes is the center line
What are three general groups of dimensions? detail, overall, position
Angles less than 90 degrees are defined as acute
To show three dimensions on a drawing, it is usually necessary to show at least two views
What type of drawing do you use to manufacture an object using very thing, flat material? single-view
An auxiliary view on a surface drawing provides? a surface appearance viewed at a 90 degree angle
On an oblique drawing, the object being drawn is placed parallel to the plane of projection
The amount of metal needed to form a bend is called the bend allowance
if the K-value of 90 degrees is 1 then what is the required amount of setback for a 90 degree bend with a radius of 1/4 inch and the metal thickness is .062? SB=k(R+T), 1(.25 +.062), 1(.312), = .312
What two categories are AF publications divided into? Directive and non directive
What is an example of a directive publication? supplement
Info pubs which normally are "how to" documents are called pamphlets
What are the 5 major categories of TOs authorized for use in the AF? TCTO, Abbreviated TO, Index type TO, Methods and procedures TO, Ops and MX TO
Which TO category includes the insp workcard and checklist? Abbreviated
Which type of TCTO is signified by a series of red Xs printed around the boarder of the first page? Immediate
Which secure web application is used to view electronic TOs? ETIMS
How many groups of numbers may be used in a TO numbering pattern? 7
The MX Integrated Access System (MIDAS) is a six-digit numbering systems expressed as three elements of two digits each.
Which TO series is the illustrated parts breakdown that allows you to ID the most procurable parts for a specific acft? -4
Which section of the IPB can you look up parts by item name? III
A revision to a publication is normally issued when the changes exceed at least what percentage of the basic TO? 80 percent
Which AFTO form is used to correct errors in TOs? 22
Which TO should you use when filling out a deficiency report for errors in a TO? 00-5-1
An atom that has gained or lost electrons and has acquired an electrical charge is called an ion
Corrosion in an electrochemical cell always starts at the surface of the metal
What is the rate of corrosion when the anode is smaller, in relation to the cathode in the electrochemical corrosion cell? Rapid and severe
Metals such as stainless steel and titanium that corrode slowly are referred to as cathodic
Some metals have the ability to become electrochemically inactive or passive under certain conditions because of the formation of oxide films
Which scale is used to measure the strength of an electrolyte? pH scale
On a polished surface, uniform surface corrosion is frist seen as a general dulling of the surface.
pitting corrosion of aluminum or magnesium is first noticed as white powdery deposits
What is an advanced form of Intergranular corrosion? exfoliation corrosion
Which type of corrosion is produced by the simultaneous effects of tensile stress and a corrosive environment? stress-cracking
WHen performing a corrosion insp, which tool would you use to dislodge blisters or bubbles? plastic scraper
Which formula would you use to determine max corrosion pit depth when using a depth gauge? (A+B) / 2 - C= DEPTH
When inspecting exhaust paths for corrosion, what areas should be inspected because they cannot be reached with normal cleaning? seams and fairings
Which type of corrosion should you look for when inspecting eng frontal areas? pitting and intergranaular corrosion
When inspecting spot welds for corrosion, which tool can be used to detect skin bulge in its early stage? straight edge
How often do you inspect water entrapment areas? daily
What is the first step of a general corrosion inspection? Ensure the area has been thoroughly cleaned
Corrosion that appears as blisters and pitting as deep as .010 inch is classified as moderate
Corrosion that appears as blistering, exfoliation, and scaling or flaking is classified as severe
Prior to corrosion removal, what must be determined? allowable damage removal limits
Material compatibility refers to using a medium that will not cause additional corrosion
Which motion should you use when removing corrosion with a hand held wire brush? linear
When removing corrosion with a pneumatic sander, how do you keep the sander from digging into the metal? start the sander before it touches the metal
What is the last step in the general corrosion removal procedures? Treat the surface and apply protective coatings
What is the first step when using abrasive blasting to remove corrosion? clean any oil, grease, or other soils from surfaces
The paint edges around the chemically stripped ares are feathered in order to ensure a smooth, overlapping transition between the old and new paint surfaces
When should you apply chemical conversion coating to metal? immediately after cleaning a water break-free surface
Corrosion preventive compounds (CPC) are used to prevent corrosive materials from contacting and corroding bare metal surfaces
The two categories that corrosion preventive compounds (CPC) are separated into include water displacing and non water displacing
At a min, MSDS are made available to everyone
How many gallons of hazardous waste is the max amount you can store in one satellite point? 55
How high can you stack drums containing flammable liquids? they should not be stacked
What must you do before you can wear a respirator with a tight-fitting face-piece? Be fit tested with the same make, model, style of respirator that will be used in the workplace.
How often should a respirator be cleaned and disinfected? at the end of each day in which it is used
The type of chemical remover to be used depends on the type of organic finish system to be removed
When do you mix chemical paint remover immediately before use.
What special requirement(s) must be met when mechanically removing coatings on steel and titanium alloy? Part must be grounded and area must be well ventilated
What should you use to remove dust during mechanical paint removal ops? HEPA Vacuum
When using the plastic media blasting cabinet blaster, check the media level prior to use
What is the first step when preparing a part to blast in the PMB? Thoroughly clean the substrate
What is the max nozzle pressure of HVLP spray gun? 10psi
The distance that the spray gun nozzle is held from the surface depends upon the desired width of the spray pattern and type of gun used
What will happen to the paint coating if you hold a spray gun too close to the surface during painting ops? runs and sags
When using parallel strokes with a spray gun, the spray pattern should overlap 50% of the previous stroke
When should you dismantle a spray gun? if a proper spray pattern cannot be produced
What should the temp be when mixing a touch-up pen paint applicator pen? room temp
Prior to use, how manyseconds should a touch up pen paint applicator be mixed? 60
You probably would not use a paint roller when painting acft located at a paint facility
What is the most common cause of coating failure? inadequate surface prep
how would you correct a heavy center spray pattern defect? adjust the fluid presssure
What is a common cause of streaking when spray painting? dirty air cap
What is a cause of orange peel when spray painting? coating material too cold
Using an improper thinner causes pinhole cavities
Specific standards for paint such as color, drying time, and adhesion are stipulated by the mil spec list
The qualified products list (QPL) displays specific products that comply with mil spec
Alkyd enamels and acrylic lacquers are considered what type of coating system? general
Which type of polyurethane coating is used on aerospace weapons systems? type 1
Which type of walkway coating material is undesirable because of aerodynamic smoothness requirements? Type II
After checking the shelf life of your coating material what should you do next? Allow material to reach room temp
What do you do with jelled or lumpy coating materials? discard them at once
Which cup is preferred for measuring the viscosity of high-solid coatings? Ford cup
What is the general top coating sequence for small acft tail toward hanger exhaust? FWD fuselage, upper wings, lower wings, aft fuselage and tail section
When should speciality walkway coatings be applied to the acft? before top coating
During rain erosion resistant tape application, what is the min recommended Fahrenheit temp? 60 degrees
What is used to wipe down the acft surface before applying rain erosion resistant tape? Isopropyl Alcohol
How long should you let the edge sealer dry before painting? 24 hours
where is the national start insignia located on fixed-wing acft? upper left and lower right of wings, and both sides of the fuselage
Where are the USAF markings placed on acft? lower left and upper right of wings
What color do you paint service, ground handling and hazard warnings/markings on acft? Contrasting colors
Which component, of a computerized stencil system, cuts stencils to final size? plotter
When you are installing acft bolts in a panel you place shims under the plate nut? Torque the nut to proper specs
The fastener removal tool is primarily designed for use on a flat surface
The most you should turn a screw wit a screw punch tool is 1/4 turn
What nut style do you use when all bolt hole locations are equally spaced around an opening? Channel
Which nut is used where the assembly is frequently removed and you can obtain the desired tightness with your fingers? wing
The two major types of self locking nuts you will install are prevailing torque and free spinning
you need to consider heat requirements for which prevailing torque, self-locking nut device? nonmetalic insert
When a rigid type camloc receptacle needs to replaced you replace it with a floating receptacle
What is the final step that completes a camloc fastener assembly install? Check the grip length of the stud
To properly install a new flush-type airloc turn-lock fastener, the size of the punched hole in the access panel should be? approximately the same size as the diameter of the stud shank
What part of an airloc assembly is never reused? cross pin
When drilling holes for fasteners you can maintain proper hole alignment by clamping all repair members in place
How do you drill an interference fit hole for a fastener? pilot drill the hole and use a reamer to finish
Cold working hole expansion is used to prevent premature fatigue failure
When cold working a hole, which gage is used to verify the hole before and after it's been cold worked? combination
in determining the grip length of a hi-shear rivet, when it is installed in the hole the straight portion of the shank should extend no more than 1/16 inch through the material.
When installing hi-shear rivets how do you accomplish proper faying surface "sealant squeeze out"? installing temporary fasteners in every other hole before installation
What is the max surface angle on which you can satisfactorily drive a stump lock bolt collar? 7 degrees perpendicular with the axis of the hole
The last step after installing pull type lock bolts is to apply a corrosion preventative compound to the stem break off area
What material composition hi-lok fastener is used when the temp of a certain area of the acft exceeds 750 degrees? corrosion resistant steel
What head marking symbols on the taper-lok pins indicate that it is an injection type? indented slots stamped on the head of the fastener
The second dash number stamped on the head of a taper-lok fastener pin represents the depth of the injector ports
the symbol on the bottom of a taper lok pin represents the grip length
What other problem besides center can you eliminate by using a washer nut assembly on a taper lok pin? washer fumbling
When riveting parts together the first step you take is to secure parts to prevent slippage
When inspecting newly formed solid rivet shop heads what are the height and diameter requirements? Height is 1/2 of the rivet's diameter, diameter is 1 1/2 of the rivets diameter
For best results jo-bolt holes should be drilled undersized, and then brought up to final size by reaming
The next step after installing a millable jo bolt is to inspect it for looseness
Which tools are required to remove a tight jo bolt fastener? punch, hammer, pilot drill, drill motor that is no faster than 500 rpm
What determines the twist drill size you need to remove a jo bolt that is rotating in the hole? diameter of the jo bolt
To properly inspect an installed mechanical lock blind bolt you check the fit of the manufactured head against the surface position of the pin and position of the locking collar
What are the steps in removing a mechanical lock blind bolt? drill out the pin, knock out the pin, counterbore the sleeve, remove the sleeve
What are the procedures for drilling a mechanical lock blind rivet hole? hold drill 90 degrees to the surface of the part, used the diameter drill bit specified in the TO, Do not use unnecessary pressure
Gaps are permitted between a mechanical lock blind rivet and the surface provided they meet with specs? TOs
How many nose assemblies are required to install composi-lok II fasteners? two
After installation what tool do you use to inspect a composi-lok fastener? stem break off gage
If you find the nut plate is misaligned after installing it using pull through blind rivets the probable cause is the nut plate was clamped to loosely during install
Which cable term defines a cylindrical steel rod? Wire
a calve or wire rope twisted around a separate wire rope best describes which cable term? independent wire-rope center
What are the types of acft cables? flexible, non-flexible, nylon coated
What is the frequency of inspection when you substitute a corrosion resistant steel (cres) cable for a carbon steel cable? One-half the time of normal insp
What cable accessory is mainly used to change cable direction? bellcrank unit
A cable that has had a kinked area straightened must be repaired or replaced
You cannot cut cables by using a torch
What is the max amount of terminal may be bent after swaging? 1/2 degrees
In order to properly pull test a cable, you keep the cable under tension for 3 min
Which type of aluminum alloy tubing do you used to repair a hydraulic system that carries high pressure up to 3000 psi? 6061-T
The preferred tubing material for manufacturing external acft brake lines is corrosion resistant stainless steel tubing type 304
Which color designates aluminum alloy AN and mil spec (MS) fittings? Blue
To be considered objectionable, the depth for a dent on a tubing assembly is 20% of the tube diameter
the probable cause of excessive burrs while cutting tubing with a tube cutter is too much pressure was applied on the cutting wheel at one time
How do you removed foreign material from inside a completed tubing assembly? Flush with a TO approved solvent
To properly locate the start point on a piece of tubing that will have only one bend, you estimate the amount of tubing needed to make the bend, plus additional material for the flare
What can you do to prevent thick-wall alu tubing from slipping in the clamp block of the production tube bender? place a piece of emery cloth between the tubing and the clamp block
which method would you uses to bend a piece of tubing if a tube bender is not available? sand
to correctly construct a single flare, you make the OD extend approx 1/16 inch beyond the end of the sleeve
for tubing flares to seat properly, they must be square and concentric
to properly use the squaring- and buring -head assembly on the power flaring machine the probable cause of more inside chamfer on one side of a piece of tubing and more outside chamfer on the opposite side is misalignment between the spindle and vise jaw
To readjust the spindle on a powered flaring machine for another size tubing you change the flaring center setting to match the OD of the new size tubing
To removed the tubing after you have finished making a flare with the double-flaring machine, you move the operating lever to the no1 position and then push the lever toward the rear of the machine
What is not sued to preset a mil spec sleeve onto a piece of tubing mandrel
When installing your mil spec fittings which type of alu alloy tubing would you use as a replacement for 5052-O alu alloy tubing? 6061-T6
once the chipless tube cutter makes light contact on the tube you Tighten the drive screw an additional 1/8 to 1/4 turn
To properly deburr a piece of tubing for a permaswage repair, you must not allow the chamfer width to exceed 1/2 the wall thickness
to properly perform a permaswage operation, you place the sliver face of the die holder to corresponds with the sliver side of the yoke
Dynatube expanders designed for titanium are ID'd by stop collars painted yellow
To properly make a dynatube repair, you should have what degree of chamfer on the inside diameter of a tube? 60 degrees
When is it permissible to reswage a Dynatube swage? never
the end making template for a permalite (deutschlite) fitting is based on the tubing's outside diameter
To inspect the ring position of a swaged permalite fitting you use an insp gage
What are the inspection requirements for a Wiggins fitting? ferrule is tight on the tube, is square on the tube and was not damaged during swaging, make sure the sealing surface has not been disturbed by the split swage blocks
How do you position a Rynglok fitting on the tube before swaging? anywhere along the length of the positioning mark
When installing a fitting how much hydraulic pressure do you apply to the rynglok tooling? 8000-8500 lbs per square inch
Other assemblies are directly or indirectly attached to what main acft structural assembly? Fuselage
What reduces sway or yaw about the vertical axis of an acft? Vertical stabilizer
When the cockpit control is moved to the right, the right aileron moves up and the left aileron moves down
What are the auxiliary flight controls? flaps, tabs, spoilers, and slats
What provides shape, strength, and rigidity to the acft fuselage? bulkheads
Acft reference lines that indicate vertical planes parallel to the plane of symmetry are buttock lines
What symbol do you enter on the AFTO form 781A when an acft is considered unsafe or unfit for flight? RED X
When a new AFTO Form 781A is initiated, what kind of discrepancies must not be transferred to the AFTO Form 781K? Red X
What block on the AFTO Form 781H do you check after entering a red X discrepancy in the AFTO Form 781A? Status Symbol
When performing a visual insp on nicked plastic assemblies, what are you looking for? white powdered glass is often seen in a chipped area
When insp for distortions, besides excellent lighting what else do you use? A grid made up of horizontal and vertical lines
When classifying damage to a composite structure, a puncture of a fiberglass panel that extends through one facing is which classification? Class III
When is it acceptable to have bubbles on a plastic window? They do not impair vision, are well scattered and within the limitations of the TO
According the basic principle of repair, when you make any repair your main concern is the original strength
Before fastening the double and filler together for a flush repair, the repair parts must be curved to the precise contour of the repair area
When you're preparing a cutout for an "open area" your remove all damage and relieve stress concentrations
What factors do you consider when selecing a twist drill to use for chain-drilling removal techniques? Material composition and thickness of the cutout area
You must consider the location of any existing fasteners near a damaged area when determining the overall size of the cutout
An angle drill is used to remove damage when the damage is in a limited space
before you develop a rivet layout for a circular flush repair, you must first est. the center point of the cutout area
If the location of the rivets on the inner and outer rows of a layout pattern on a square flush patch are the same then the rivet spacing and row spacing are identical
Which layout procedure is very important when developing a rivet pattern for a flush skin repair over a substructural member? measuring edge distance from the outer edges of the substructural member
To properly develop a rivet pattern for a flush skin repair across a substructural member, the rivet spacing used for calculating the row spacing is the rivet spacing used on one side of the cutout, opposite the width of the substructural member
When fabricating a doubler for flush skin repair in an open area select material that is one-gage thicker than the skin
When fabricating a filler plate for a flush skin repair in an open area, you determine the overall dimensions of the filler by using the cutout area as a template
in which situation is a fastener layout more than likely done on the patch instead of the repair part? blind area with no existing fasteners
In addition to the amount of damage to each member, what other factor must you consider when determining the size of the cutout for a combination repair? location of the existing fasteners
As it applies to the installation of repair parts, what is a primer and when is it applied? Corrosion preventative; applied before the installation of repair parts
Before applying an aerodynamic smoothing compound to repair seams, clean the area with an approved solvent
The method you use to remove excess aerodynamic smoothing compound from seams depends on the hardness of the compound
When welding thermocouples follow the equipment manufacturer's instructions
When performing a routing operation on a tapered surface, the min length of the required wedge blocks is 6"
When drilling aramid composite materials, how can you min fiver fuzz? use a dagger spade or brad point bit
What cardinal rule must be followed when removing damage from a composite structure? Remove a min amount of sound material
What is your first step when fabricating a patch for a composite repair? create a patch drawing
When selecting a resin to repair laminated fiberglass assemblies, what must you know besides the method of curing? resin used by the manufacturer
To provide a more uniform boding thickness when making a metal-bonded honeycomb repair, you use a film adhesive
How do paste adhesives compare with other types as fas strength is concerned? Lower in strength
When storing advanced composite materials in cold storage, what is the max temp permitted? 0 degrees F
How do you apply uniform pressure to laminated fiberglass repairs? vacuum pressure
When making a step-joint repair to an aramid honeycomb composite panel, you make the replacement plies? to match each ply in the original panel
What procedure is used in a step-joint removal method? The edges of the patch are butted to the existing bond ply
What is the first step in a scarf repair? remove any paint
Wden drilling holes in a delaminated area of a metal bonded honeycomb panel for injecting adhesive drill holes first at the top and bottom of the delaminated area
What step must be taken when doing a partial through repair that is not done on a full core replacement repair? install a .010" alu sheet shim
how many thermocouples are used and how are they positioned on a wet laminate when removing moisture? two; 2" from the edge of the heat blanket
How do you determine if water has been removed or has migrated to another location when removing moisture from a honeycomb composite panel? re-insp area using NDI
What important factor must be known before polishing out a scratch on an acrylic assembly? the thickness the acrylic plastic assembly will be after polishing
The sanded area of a scratch is washed down after each sandpaper grit is used to wash away the previously used sandpaper grit
When disassembling a transparent plastic assembly, what is the value of drawing a diagram on cardboard showing the location of the fasteners? proper placement of fasteners is ensured
before installing a plastic assembly into its retaining frame, clean the frame with an approved solvent
When using an original door as a template, you must make sure the original door has the proper fit
What should you do to an aircraft panel before you fine finish the edges fit test the panel
When trimming acft panels or doors, you make a template out of plastic when the original panel is missing or badly damaged
Which balancing method is accomplished on the acft? Calculation
Which balancing method requires you to know the weight of the material removed from the repair area? Calculation
What method of balancing control surfaces allows components to be interchangeable? component
You can detect acft sealant defects within a pressurized area by passing a listening device along the seams while the area is pressurized
Your first step when repairing a defective fillet seal is to select the proper sealant cutting tools
In order to use premixed frozen sealant, you should simply thaw the sealant and use it
When cleaning a surface before applying a sealant, you can consider the cleaning operation completed when there is no discoloration on a clean drying cloth
What do you do if one-part sealant does not go on smoothly, easily, and evenly when applying it to an area? Discard the sealant
When preparing to mix a two part sealant, you mix the sealant according to the manufacturer's instructions
What must you do before you can use a stencil? Remove all un-needed vinyl
What type of tape is used to affix large or intricate decals? Transfer tape
After a decal is applied what protects it against abrasion? Edge sealing compound
Rapid way of preparing a sign? Stenciling
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