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Block 3 Final


Metal tubing lines are sized by wall thickness and outside diameter in 1/16 increments
Hung start in a jet engine is often caused by starter cutting off to soon
100LL color Blue
Highest heat to metal contact in a turbine engine is at the Turbine inlet guide vanes
Two types of aircraft tubing flares are Single Flare and Double Flare
What does PHDAN mean Physically dangerous materials
What would you use to cut a tube if there is no tube cutter available Fine tooth hacksaw
Axial flow compressor has two main elements which are rotor and stator
Who issues Service Bulletins OEM
When is a radio license required Aircraft is flown outside the U S
Maximum penalty for cheating on a FAA test Ineligible for testing one year and suspension or revocation of any certificate currently held
Can a certified mechanic perform a 100 hour inspection on instruments Yes. Only inspection
How many copies does an FAA Form 337 require Two-one for FAA and one for owner
Signature of the authorized person on the maintenance records indicates what approval for return to service only for work performed
What are AD's primarily issued for correct an unsafe condition
What does an Aviation Maintenance Alert provide information about aircraft problems and suggested corrective actions
What is used to record major repairs and alterations FAA Form 337
Where would you find the aircraft's datum location TCDS
Color of an AN steel fitting Black
Which FAR covers abbreviations FAR 1
Type of tubing used on landing gear hydraulic systems CRES
Code of federal regulations covers aviation in what title Title 14
Three things that are required for a fire Fuel, Heat, and Oxygen
Majority of aircraft pistons are made from what aluminum alloy forgings
What does MSDS stand for Material Safety Data Sheets
What products are TCDS sheets issued for Aircraft, Engines, and propellers
When are SB's required to be complied with When the SB is part of a AD
Pink copy of FAA Form 8050-1 is valid for how long 90 days
Certified Mechanics must perform work in the field for a minimum period of what 6 months out of the last 2 years
How long is a A&P license good for Until surrendered,suspended, or revoked
An aircraft can be flown outside the 100 hour time frame for how many hours 10
Where would you find the operating conditions that make a 100 hour mandatory 14 CFR Part 91
Rolling type Flaring Tools are used on what type of materials Soft Copper, aluminum, and brass
When taxing an aircraft, a flashing white light from the tower means what Return to starting point
Two functional elements in a centrifugal compressor Impeller and Diffuser
Pressure cycle is also known as The Brayton cycle
Maintenance FAR Part 43
The Big Three are Part 21,Part 43, and Part 91
Number 6 tube would have an outside diameter of 3/8
Class C fire is Electrical fire
Link that transmits forces between the piston and the crankshaft Connecting rod
Technical information for aircraft with no more than 50 aircraft remaining in service is found in Aircraft LIstings
100 hour checklist is found where Part 43 Appendix D
When towing a large aircraft, there should be a person in the aircraft for operation of the brakes
A hot start on a turbine engine is usually caused by Fuel/air mixture was excessively rich
When is the fuel/air mixture ignited in a conventional reciprocating engine shortly before the piston reaches the top of the compression stroke
Primary purpose of the turbine section on a turbine engine is to drive the compressor section
What is Part 45 Painting numbers on the tail
What is the flare angle on aircraft tubing 37
Tire cages are used for what purpose Testing tires
What is a Class D fire Metals/brake fire
Hazard Communication Label consists of four diamond with what colors Red, Blue, Yellow, and white
What document is issued by the FAA to approve modifications of a product STC
How many copies and where do they go for an aircraft that has installed long range fuel tanks FAA 337 1 to FAA, 1 to owner, 1 stays with aircraft
Scratches or nicks on the straight part of a hydraulic line may be repaired if they are no deeper than 10 percent of the wall thickness
ATA 100 chapters are designed for what purpose Provides uniform chapters for large aircraft
Airlines operate under what 14 cfr part Part 121
MS hydraulic fittings are designed primarily for what type of hydraulic systems High Pressure
Hand beading tool is used with tubing of what sizes 1/4 to 1 inch od
CFR 14 can be divided into three categories-what are these categories Administration, Airworthiness Certification, and Airworthiness Operation
What is a Class A fire Combustable material. Anything that leaves an ashe
Master and Articulated rod assembly is part of what type of engine Radial
Two factors that affect safety when dealing with electricity are what Fear and Overconfidence
Which 14 CFR covers investigative and enforcement FAR Part13
What reduces blade vibration and improves airflow in a turbine engine Shrouded turbine rotor blades
What section of a turbine engine provides proper mixing of the fuel and air Combustion Section
Actual power delivered to the propeller of and engine is called what Brake Horsepower
An alternating red and green light from the tower means what OK to proceed with caution
Color of Jet Fuel Straw or clear
Compression Ratio is what cylinder volume with the piston between BDC and TDC
Created by: swarden
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