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Ch.25 Terms-SS~Cadet


Stock Exchange an organized system for buying and selling shares, or blocks of investments, in corporations
On Margin to buy on margin means to pay only a fraction of the stock price and borrowed the rest from their brokers
Default fail to meet loan payments
Dust Bowl the name given to the area of the southern Great Plains severely damaged by droughts and dust storms during the 1930s
Subsidy grant of money; a government payment that supports a business or market
Migrant Worker a person who moves from place to place to find work harvesting fruits and vegetables
Pension sum of money paid to people on a regular basis after they retire
Second New Deal a new set of programs and reforms launched by Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1935
Social Security Act a law requiring workers and employers to pay a tax; the money provides a monthly pension for retired people
Unemployment insurance payments by the government for a limited period of time to people who have lost their jobs
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