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D - SS - Unit 5

History of Australia - Part 2

From 1833 until the 1850s, where did the hardest of convicted British and Irish criminals get sent? Port Arthur, Tasmania
What did a prisoner have to do to get sent off the main island of Australia? commit another crime after their arrival in Australia
What was the reason that tales said that prisoners committed murder (an offense punishable by death)? to escape the desolation of life at the camp
What was the Island of the Dead? the destination for all who died inside the prison camps
Why was Australia's location a good place to have a navy base in the South Pacific Ocean? the location made it possible for British ships to be able to make repairs & get supplies
Which country thought that Australia would be a good location to base its navy in the South Pacific Ocean? Great Britain
Who did Australia have many opportunities to trade with? Asia & the Americas
How did the major coastal settlements get split up? into 7 independent colonies
When was the Commonwealth of Australia established? January 1, 1901
What city was the national capital until Canberra was completed? Melbourne
What was the original policy that Australia promoted? White Australia
What was White Australia? a policy that would not allow non-Caucasians to immigrate to Australia
What did the Immigration Restriction Act of 1901 do? restricted migration to people primarily of European descent
When was the Immigration Restriction Act of 1901 dismantled? after World War II
What is the policy that Australia promotes today? a global, non-discriminatory policy
Who are the native people of Australia? aborigines
What did European settlers do to the aborigine people? separated them from society, removed them from their families, placed them into institutions & others were killed
In the 1830's, what happened to remnants of the tribes in the settled areas? they were moved onto reserves
What were aborigines forbidden from doing on the reserves? teaching their children their own language and customs
What affect does the official government policy of separation in the 1900's have on the aborigines today? many do not know their origins, which tribe they are descended from or the names of their parents and or grandparents
What did the Australia Act do? severed all legal ties with the British Empire
What type of government does Australia have today? parliamentary democracy (constitutional monarchy)
Created by: lprinke
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