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Unit 9

The Great War

This nation left the war in 1917 due to Revolution Russia
line of trench fighting between Germany and France Western Front
This neutral nation was invaded by Germany on Germany's way to attack France Belgium
area between enemy trenches no man's land
money payment by a defeated country for damage done during war reparations
American Expeditionary Force American troops in WWI under the leadership of BlackJack Pershing
Which one of President Wilson's 14 points in his peace plan was most important to him creation of the League of Nations
Whose assassination sparked the beginning of WWI Archduke Franz Ferdinand
future president Herbert Hoover was in charge of what during the Great War Food Administration - designed to get Americans to conserve food so more was available for troops
Famous German General, also the name of a German line of defense in France Hindenburg
The Big Four US - Wilson, England - George, France - Clemenceau, Italy - Orlando these leaders of the victorious Allied nations met in Paris to write the peace treaty
the worldwide epidemic killed 22 million people in 1918 Spanish Influenza
problem soldiers encountered from standing in bacteria filled stagnant water trenchfoot
being driven mad from the constant artillery shelling of WWI Shell Shock (today known as PTSD)
Which battle resulted in the death of a million men and only gained the French and British 5 miles of contested territory Battle of the Somme
This extremely successful military campaign of the Germans was considered a violation of civilized warfare U-boat
1914-1918 years of the Great War
Central Powers Germany, Austria Hungary, and other nations aligned during the war
Allies Britain, France, America, and other nations aligned during the war
this proposed Mexico should attack the United States Zimmerman Note
liberty bonds way to finance the war
Vladimir Lenin leader of the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia
British ship sunk by German Uboat attack in 1914 Lusitania
When did the war end 11th hour of the 11th day on the 11th month
Who was the Czar Nicholas II Royal leader of Russia who was removed from power and killed
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