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4th SWT Review

4th Six Weeks Test Review

Years the Civil war lasted 1861 - 1865
The year that Texas joined the Confedracy also the year that Sam Houston was removed as governer 1861
Major cause of the Civil War States Rights
This group believed that they should be able to make their own decisions Southern States
Date that slaves were notified of their freedom in Texas June 19, 1865 (June-teenth)
African American regiments of Union soldiers during the Civil War Buffalo Soldiers
The Final Battle of the Civil War which was fought in Texas The Battle of Palmito Ranch
Why the last battle of the Civil War was fought in Texas AFTER the South had surrendered to the North News took a long time to reach Texas
He was removed as governor of Texas because he would not pledge his loyalty to the Confederacy Sam Houston
The end of the Civil War led to this in Texas Huge Population growth
The year that Texas was readmitted to the Union 1870
The year a new Texas constitution was drafted, the one we still use today 1876
Was given the right to vote under the new constitution of Texas Freed African American Men
Production of this commodity decreased during the Civil War and increased after the war ended Cotton
Adapted well to their natural environment Native Americans (Indians)
Place where Native Americans were relocated to after the Civil War Reservations
Democratic principle demonstrated by our 3 branch system of government Separation of Powers
Where the Federal government and States governments work together Federalism
Democratic principle described as the "will of the people" Popular Sovereignty
In both the Texas and US government, this group can declare laws unconstitutional Supreme Court
Imported cattle and horses into Texas Spanish
Former governor of Texas who set up the Texas Railroad Commission James S. Hogg
Came to Texas for cheap land and better weather, settled in Central Texas in Towns like Fredricksburg and New Braunfels German Immigrants
Government institution that provides standards for Education in Texas State Board of Education
Son of an American captured by Comanches, last Comanche Chief Quannah Parker
Era of the cattle drives and indian wars 1860 to 1900
An uncontrolled, concerted running of cattle Stampede
Ran North and South from Texas to the Railroads to take cattle to the North East Cattle Trails
The expansion of this led to the end of the need for LONG DISTANCE cattle drives Railroads
Spanish word for Cowboy Vaquero



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