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Revolutionary War test

Describe what life was like for the continental soldiers at Valley Forge The soldiers fell ill during the winter and about 2000 died at the camp. Lived in damp crowded quarters. Disease, lack of clothing and food. Morale low.
What impact did Baron von Stuben have on the Continental Army? He voluntered to help train the Continental Army. He trained them to manuever, load and fire the guns, use bayonets, he created a well trained army. Happened during winter at Valley Forge.
Where did the fighting shift to after the British fail to get New England? The fighting shifted to the middle states
Where did Washington fight the British in August 1776, the Battle of New York? Long Island
What happened after the British troops captured New York? Washington was forced to retreat to Manhatten
What two suprise attacks gave the Americans, Continental Army, badly needed victories and new hope? Washington attacked Trenton and Princeton
What battle became the turning point for the Americans The Battle of Saratoga . it proved that they can win. France becomes an allies to the Americans, France gives military support.
Name 3 countries that gave help to the Americans during the Revolutionary War France, Spain, Netherlands
How did Marquis de Lafayetts help the Americans? He trained the American troops and fought with the Continental Army
How did the French support change before the American victory at Saratoga Before they gave money and supplies. after they became allies and gave military support
Who said the "British coming!" warning given to the minutemen, Battle of Concord? Paul Revere
What Battle was the 'shot heard around the world'? The Battle of Lexington
Where and when did the The Revolutionary War begin? April 19, 1775 - Battle of Lexington and Conord
Who are the Minutemen? Massachusetts militia
What was the final battle of Revolutionary War? Battle of Yorktown - October 1781
Battle of Yorktown who surrenders to Washington? General Cornwallis
Who is an American Traitor who switched from Continental Army to British? Benedict Arnold
What was the first major battle in the Revolutionary War? Battle of Bunker Hill - June 1775
What did the Americans, Continental Army, soldiers say because they did not have enough gunpowder at the Battle ofBunker Hill? "Don't shoot til you see the whites of their eyes!"
Where was Battle of Bunker Hill? Breeds Hill Massachusetts
What is the Olive Branch Petition? Document sent to King urging peace.
What is the Second Continental Congress? Al l 13 Colonies sent representatives. They met after the fighting started. Created the Continental Army and placed under Washington. Issued Olive Branch Petition to King George.
Who created the Continential Army and placed it under Washington's command. Second Continental Congress
Where did Ethan Allen and the Green Mountain boys raid? Fort Ticonderoga - May 10, 17754
Who wrote Common Sense - An extremely popular and successful pamphlet arguing for Independence from England? Thomas Paine
What are the Common Sense - reasons for independence? -Already at War - Too Far - distance between Britian and colonies -No advantage to be gained by British rule -Rule by King wrong
A collection of articles written by Thomas Paine during the Revolutionary War to i nspire the Americans is called? The American Crisis
What was the name of the Setauket spy organization? Culper Spy Ring
Who said "I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country" an was a lieutenant in the Continental Army, former school teacher and captured by the British? Nathan Hale
What area did the war begin? Massachusetts
Leader of the Green Mountain Boys? Ethan Allen
The shot heard around the world was fired where? Lexington
Commander and Chief of the Continental Army? George Washington
Who wrote the Declaration of Independence? Thomas Jefferson
Who was the first person to sign the Declaration of Indenpendence? John Hancock
What are the parts of Declaration of Independence? The Preamble, The Declaration of Natural Rights, List of Grievances, Resolution of Independence.
Date the Declaration of Independence was adopted? July 4, 1776
What battle did Washington lead troops secretly across the Delaware River on Christmas night to suprise the Hessian troops? Battle of Trenton
What are Hessians? German troops (mercenaries) hired by the British.
What is the turning point for Americans? The Battle of Saratoga
The American want life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness? The Declaration of Indepedence
What battle did Washington leave his campfires burning and suprise attack the Bristish? Battle of Princeton
What two battle were suprise attacks. The Battle of Trenton and Princeton
After what battle did the French become allies? The Battle of Saratoga
Who set up the alliance with France after the Battle of Saratoga? Ben Franklin
A small American navy was victorious? Battle of North Sea
The Battle of Saratoga was a turning point because? Ended British threat of New England.
What did John Paul Jones say - Battle of North Sea? I have not yet begun to fight
What two ships were in the Battle of the North Sea? Serapis and Bon Homme Richard
Who is "The Swamp Fox?" Francis Marion
The Swamp Fox strikes again Hit and Run Attacks - guerilla warfare
What is the Treaty of Paris - 1783? - American Independence recognized, America's borders expand west - Atlantic Ocean to Mississippe River , America agree to pay loyalists for property lost duing the war.
British tropps turned back by minutemen at North Bridge? Battle of Concord
Advantage of Americans (Patriots) Fighting on own soil, George Washington Leads, Fight for Freedom, French helped with troops, Guerilla War Fare.
Disadvantages of Americans (Patriots) Unexperienced, few weapons and supplies, financial difficulties, southern colonies did not want to help, France did not want to help
British Advantages Large Navy, many weapons and supplies, trained army, strong Government, money from taxes
Created by: cmiller621
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