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Social studies Test

Latin America in social studies

Why is the panama canal located where it is Panama is located on an isthmus (skinniest part)
What is the significant about the panama canal It created a shortcut, which cut down travel time
How did the panama canal impact the regions economically It increased international trade
How are Native Americans impacted by European colonization Europeans brought disease the Native Americans had never been expose to and they loss land and culture. They were also forced to do labor
What two culture traits did Latin America get because of Spanish colonization Religion= Roman Catholic Language= Spanish
What was the main cultural influence from Portugal on Brazil Language= Portuguese
What three major ethnic groups have blended together to create the unique culture of this region Native American's, Europeans, Africans
What is the primary export of Mexico and Venezuela Petroleum/ oil
What are the main three types of industry for this region Service's, Manufacturing, Agriculture
Five causes of deforestation of the rainforest in Brazil To provide space for the growing population, Built dams for hydroelectricity power, mining for minerals, clear land for timber, clear land for farming
Five effects of deforestation of the rainforest in Brazil Displaced groups who live in the rainforest, destroy species of plants and animals, increases of carbon dioxide, global warming, rising sea levels leads to flooding
Type of government found in Latin America Democratic Republic
Type of Economy found in Latin America Free Enterprise/ Capitalism
How has the rainforest and Native medical cures in South America become important to medical research worldwide Rainforest plants may hold the cure to countless diseases
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