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studypowerpoint hw

Agriculture practice of farming including the growing of crops and the rearing of animals to provide food, wool, and other products.
rural The countryside
Urban The town/city
William B. Hartsfield He was the man who know for his active support in bring air transportation and coined the phrase " Atlanta a city that is to busy to hate".
Ivan Allen Jr. A man that fought for civil rights, contunued to bring growth to Atlanta ansd brought sport teams to the city
Ellis Arnall He was a governor help modernize Ga,defeated Eugene Talmage for governor,abolished poll tax and waskey roll in the three governors controversy
White Primary Primary elections held in southern states which only whotes were allowed to vote.
1946 govorners race The time when Georgia had three governors because Eugene Talmage died before he was elected to office and he wanted his son Herman Talmagento take office if he was to die but Ga had a lieutenant governor whole Ellis Arnall was still governor
Brown v. Board of Education A case where the court declared laws establishing segregation in public schools for blacks and whites was unconstitutional.
1956 state of Ga flag the flag was a confederate flag used from 1956-2001 it was used to prove a point because of the ruling that segregation in public schools violate the 14th amendment.
Sibley Commission The Sibley Commission was when Governor Ernest Vandiver Jr. was forced to decide whether he should close public schools or comply to desegregate the schools
Martin Luther King Jr. He was a Civil Rights activist who fought against segregation but did not live to see the results
John Lewis? He is one of the brave men who fought for civil rights during the movement including bloody Sunday and is now the chairman of SNCC
SNCC? Student Nonviolent Corresponding Committee that was founded in 1960 for the African Civil Rights Movement.
SCLC the Southern Christian Leadership Confrence was founded in 1957 and the purpose was to redeem the soul of America through Nonviolent resistance.
Albany Movement A desegregation campaign formed November 17, 1961
March on Washington A march to pressure the John F. Kennedy administration to have a stronger civil rights bill
1964 Civil Rights Act Was to end segregation in public places and banned discrimination within employment
Lester Maddox
Maynard Jackon
Jimmy carter
1996 Olympics was held in Atlanta and was the largest event in Atlanta's history
tourism the commercial organization and operation of vacations and visits to places of interest.
Savannah Port Expansion
Film Industries
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