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Hansen-Sedor Islam

Islamic Study Guide

What type of landform covers most of the interior of Arabia? Desert
What benefits did belonging to a tribe offer nomads? Protection
What made Arabia an important center for trade and commerce? It's the crossroads
What was an important Muslim achievement in medicine? The first pharmacy school
What made it possible for people to live a sedentary life in the Arabian Desert? Towns around oases
Why did Muhammad often go to the hills outside Mecca to pray and meditate? He was upset about the changing values in Mecca
What was a Muslim contribution to math? algebra
Two major cities of Islamic culture and learning were: Baghdad and Cordoba
Which city did Muslims control by 661: Damascus
A call goes out from a mosque five times a day for the Muslims to do what? pray
Which of Muhammad's daughters' husbands became known as the second leader of Islam? Ali
What are some of the keys to the expansion of the Ottoman Empire: *major world power: conquered Syria and Egypt *Ottoman Army * Mehmed "The Conqueror" made Istanbul the new capital *Hagia Sophia was turned into a mosque
How did Islam spread? Warfare, trade and treaties
Muslims split into what two groups after a disagreement about who should succeed as caliph? Sunni and Shia's
Why did Muslims make treaties with non-Muslims? To offer protection and list rules for its conquered peoples.
How did the Muslims treat Jews and Christians? With respect, they could practice their own religion but could not build a church and had to pay a fine.
How did the Arabian region have contact with other civilizations? warfare, trade, and treaties
How did the Ottoman society treat women? Limited their freedom, separated them from the men into harems
What refers to the way Muhammad lived, which provides a model for the duties and the way of life expected of Muslims? Sunnah
People who moved from place to place with their animals live this way of life. Nomads
What area of study did scholars make great contributions: medicine
Within a few years of Muhammad's death, Islam spread to: Central Asia
Muslim scientist invented these, which the Greeks had invented to look at the stars: astrolabe
He was a Persian mathematician, astronomer, and poet who wrote a book of poems known as The Rubaiyat: Omar Khayyam
Abraham: Person considered a prophet in the Judaism, Christianity and Islam religions
Baghdad: A center of Muslim culture and learning that was an early capital of Islam
Caliph: the title of the highest leader of Islam
Cordoba: City in what is now Spain that was a major center of Muslim culture and learning
Istanbul: Once Constantinople ~ new capital of Ottoman Empire
Medina: City to which Muhammad fled from Mecca
Mosque: A building for Muslim prayer
Mughal: Muslim empire in India
Muhammad: Founder of the Muslim religion
Qur'an: The holy book of Islam
Shariah: The system of Islamic law
Shia: Muslims who believe that only members of Muhammad's family would become the head of Islam
Suleyman I: The greatest Ottoman emperor under whom the empire reached its peak
Created by: rcorippo