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A Pacific Empire

Chapter 23 Section 1

What does isolationism mean? To have little to do with political affairs
What does expansionism mean? Extending it's national boundaries
What why and who did president Millard Fillmore send to Japan? He sent Matthew Perry with 4 war ships to give Japan officials a letter asking Japan to open training relationships with the U.S.
What is the Treaty Of Kanagawa? The U.S. would get: Japan would help shipwrecked sailors, and they opened ports for American trade Japan would get: become a modern industrial nation using the U.S. as on of it's models
What was Secretary William Seward's goal? To have the U.S. to dominate trade in the pacific
What does annex mean? To take over
What was Americans first reaction to the purchase of Alaska? and what changed there minds? At first they thought that it was very foolish but then they found gold there
What does imperialism mean? powerful countries seeking to control the economic and political affairs of the weaker countries or regions
Why did imperialism grow? The industrial nation of Europe needed raw materials and new markets
what did Alfred Mahan support/believe? Leading supporter of American imperialism Influence of Sea power upon history; Mahan arrgued that the prosperity of the United States dependence on foreign trade Believed the United States could not expand its navy unless it controlled naval bases thro
What is the great White Fleet? steam powered ships, steel hulls we're all painted white
Why did Germany, Great Britain, and the US all competed for Samoa? Samoa had good harbors that could serve as a naval base and commercial port
Why did the U.S. have interest in Hawaii Hawaii has rich soil, warm climate, plentiful rainfall, allowing farmers to grow crops all year round
Why did American missionaries start to arrive in Hawaii? They were eager to convert Hawaiians to Christianity
What happened when Kalakaua died in 189? and what happened? Liliuokalani become Queen andIn 1893 American planters rebel against the Queens attempt to limit their power later on she gives up her throne due to Americans
What is the Sphere of influence? an area usually around a seaport where a nation had special trading privileges
Who were boxers and what did they do? They were Chinese resented for an influence, they formed the secret society
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