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History of Canada

section two

Although there has been tension among groups of people in Canada, conflicts have usually been resolve through ... , establishing common ideas that people agree to follow. compromise
Title: ... Early History Canada’s
Subtitle: Native ... Groups Canadian
... live south of the Arctic. First Nations
Algonquins lived in the greater Quebec area. They were hunters, using birch-bark ... to hunt. canoes and dogsled
Iroquois lived in southern Canada and were .... farmers
Plains dwellers—hunters of .... farmers
Yale and Yekooche lived near the Pacific coast forests and were hunters of ... and whales. salmon
Inuit people lived in the ... and are NOT part of the First Nations. Inuits __people___migrated year-round hunting for animals. Artic
Subtitle: Contact with ... Europeans
1400’s - Contact with Europeans looking for the .... Northwest passage
Europeans found fishing and ... animals furs
Europeans moved inland, ... wool cloth and metal goods. trading
Unfortunately, they carried ... and many natives died. diseases
Title: France and Britain ... for Control Struggle
For more than ... France and Britain struggled to claim territory, control the New France 200 years
fur trade, and secure ... allies. Native American
1534- Jacques Cartier claimed eastern Canada and named it ... New France
1608- Samuel de Champlain claimed present day ... and settled the.... Quebec City ... St. Lawrence River
For 200 years the ... trade supported New France’s economy. fur
Subtitle: Canada British
1670 ... granted by British King. Hudson Bay Company
The Hudson Bay area had the best land for the ... trade. fur
French and British territories got into conflict to ... the fur trade. control
1756-1763 ... war—Britain vs. France. seven years
The war began in Europe and spread to .... Canada
Title: Roots of a ... Nation
History of French culture, language, government, and most French Canadians were .... Roman Catholic
New British settlers own ... and most were Protestant. culture, language, and government,
Subtitle: The ... Act Quebec
The ... – Britain wanted NO rebellion from the French citizens, so they made a compromise. Quebec act of
Britain allowed ..., and extended Quebec’s boundaries. religious freedom, French laws
Subtitle: A Canadian Identity ... Develops
1783-United States won ... from Britain and many loyalists moved to Canada. independence
1791 Upper and Lower ... Canada
ü Lower = ... customs, language, and religion French
ü Upper = ... custom, language, and religion British
1812- United States declared war on Britain and invaded .... Canada
The war lasted 3 years. No one won, but it united Canadians against the .... United States
1840- ... reunited Upper and Lower Canada into one act of union
... France New
Britain won and ... became British. Canada
Maintained ... over all of Canada. control
Title: Canada ... Grows
Subtitle: The ... of Canada Dominion
1867- ... Act creating a new confederation called Dominion of Canada. British North America
A ... is a territory that governs itself but still tied to its colonizing country. dominion
All provinces of British Canada, except ... and ..., were included. Prince Edward Island ... Newfoundland
ü ... controls foreign affairs. Britain
ü The ... divided its powers between national and provincial governments. Dominion of Canada
ü 1905 – Five new ..., stretching to the Pacific Coast. provinces
ü Treaties with ... peoples to avoid conflict; however, many forced to live on .... First Nation ... reservations
Subtitle: The Role of ... Immigration
1900’s economy growing with new ... and better agricultural methods. technology
... becomes Canada’s main crop and is the main export. Wheat
Use of ... labor helped create a strong labor force. immigrant
Immigration grew throughout the 1900s adding to Canada’s ... diversity
Title: Independent ... Canada
Subtitle: ... War I World
1914- As part of the British Empire, ... sent soldiers and natural resources. Canada
Started an income ... to pay for services and be less dependent on Britain. tax
1918- Canadian ... created. Air Force
1931- Britain recognized Canada’s ability to act ... of the British Empire. independently
Subtitle: Canada’s ... Challenge
1930’s ... - exports prices fell, crop failures, and unemployment. Great Depression
Like in the US, ... helped Canada get out of the Great Depression. World War II
Following WWII, the ... grew rapidly, becoming more diversified. economy
New political parties formed to demand more help from the ... government
Created by: 194562



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