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Chapter 13

joint occupation situation in which people from two countries can occupy an area
mountain man an adventurer of the American West
plus in addition to
access a way into something or someplace
emigrant person who leaves his or her country to live somewhere else
prairie schooner a canvas-covered wagon used by pioneers in the mid-1800's
establish to set up or create
remove to take away
Tejano a Texan of Latin American, often Mexican, descent
decree official order
barricade to block off
Manifest Destiny belief that the United States was clearly destined-set apart for a special purpose-by God to extend its boundaries all the way to the Pacific Ocean
Adam-Onis Treaty Spain agreed to set the limits of their territory at what is now California's northern border and give up all claims of Oregon
Oregon Trail pioneer trail route that led to the Oregon Territory
annex to add territory to one's own territory
rancho ranch, especially the large estates set up by Mexicans in the American West
resource something that can be used for benefit, especially land, minerals, and water
justify to provide an explanation for
ranchero rancher, owner of a rancho
Texas War for Independence rebellion of Texans from Mexican control to form their own independent state
Lone Star Republic Independent Texas
forty-niner fortune-seekers who came to California during the Gold Rush
boomtown a fast-growing community
vigilante person who acts as police, judge, and jury without formal legal authority
constitution a list of laws supporting a government
incorporate to include, absorb
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