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D - SS - Unit 5

History of Australia - Location & Climate

What is the name of Australia’s most famous natural landmark? Uluru/Ayers Rock
Where is the Great Barrier Reef located? Coral Sea
What is a major physical feature in Eastern Australia? Great Dividing Range
What is the climate in central and western Australia? semi-arid (10-20 inches rain per yr)
What is the climate in southern and eastern Australia? temperate climate with equal summer and winter seasons & few extreme conditions
Where is the warmest climate in Australia? city of Darwin & central Australia where it is hot & dry
Where is the coolest climate in Australia? Tasmania and the southeastern coast
How much of Australia is covered by desert? 2/3
What is the dry, flat land in the interior of Australia called? the outback
Why is the most fertile land near the coast? it has access to plenty of rain and fresh water
When is Australia's summer? December to March - our winter
When is Australia's winter? June to August - our summer
Which area of Australia gets plenty of rain in the summer and the winter? coastal areas
Which area of Australia stays dry all year? interior area
What are the temperatures on the coast of Australia? usually mild
What are the temperatures in the outback of Australia? warm during the day and chilly at night
What is the name of the largest coral reef system in the world? Great Barrier Reef
How long is the Great Barrier Reef? more than 1,200 miles
What is important about the Great Barrier Reef? the water never falls below 68 degrees F and there is a lot of sea life
Where is the Coral Sea located? off the northeastern coast of Australia
What is Uluru/Ayers Rock? a red sandstone rock formation
Where is Uluru/Ayers Rock located? central Australia
What is the name of the largest desert in Australia? Great Victoria Desert
Who is the Great Victoria Desert named after? England’s Queen Victoria
Where is the Great Victoria Desert located? southern and western Australia
What land features are in the Great Victoria Desert? barren area of hills, salt lakes, and grasslands
Created by: lprinke