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Age of Alexander Vo.

Philip II ruler of a kingdom in Macedonia who dreamed of taking control of Greece and then moving against Persia to seize its vast wealth.
Macedonia a kingdom north of Greece with a rough terrain and a cold climate.
Alexander the Great son of Philip who received military training in the Macedonian army and was a student and his goal was to conquer the known world.
Darius III king of Persia, who lost to Alexander. In response, he raised an army of between 50,000 to 75,000 men to face the Macedonians. In order to avoid capture, he fled with his army leaving Alexander with control over Anatolia.
Hellenistic a blending of culture, arts, and language from Egyptian, Persian, and Indian influences.
Alexandria an Egyptian city that became the foremost center of commerce and Hellenistic civilization.
Euclid was a highly regarded mathematician who taught in Alexandria. He is best known for his book "Elements.”
Archimedes a Hellenistic scientist, of Syracuse, who studied at Alexandria. He accurately estimated the value of pi- the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter.
Colossus of Rhodes An enormous Hellenistic statue that formerly stood near the harbor of Rhodes.
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