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Antebellum Kentucky: A State Divided

When was the antebellum period? before the Civil War
What happened during the panic of 1819? Kentucky farmers lost business
People who owe money are called... debtors
People who loan money are called... creditors
Why was the Relief Party established? to protect poor farmers from creditors
This plan was for one slave state and one free state to join the union together to keep a balance of free and slave states. The Missouri Compromise
Which Kentucky governor wanted a new court system? Joseph Desha
This epidemic caused by germs in the drinking water killed thousands of people. cholera
What was the removal of over 70,000 Indians on a long journey west? The Trail of Tears
People were charged tolls to travel on... turnpikes
What were the people called who helped runaway slaves escape? conductors
What is the name for the safe places for runaway slaves to hideout on their journey north to nonslave states? stations
What was the system called that helped runaway slaves escape to nonslave states? The Underground Railroad
What are people who move from another country called? immigrants
Which senator ran for president three times but was never elected to the office? Henry Clay
What do we call people who were against slavery? abolitionists
Which school allowed black and white students to study together during the antebellum period? Berea College
What is the name of members of a political party that believed people who were different were dangerous? The Know-Nothings
Created by: caracox
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