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D - SS - Unit 5

History of Australia - Aborigines

What does Aborigine mean in Latin? from the beginning
Who are the Aborigines? native (indigenous) or first known inhabitants of Australia
Where were Aborigines believed to have migrated from? Asia
What do Aborigines use for hunting? bommerangs & spears
What did Aborigines divide themselves up into? 500-600 distinct groups or tribes
What languages did the Aborigines speak? over 200 different languages
Since the Aborigines had no written language, how did they pass information from one generation to the next? song and word of mouth
Why were Aborigines untouched by outside influences for a long period of time? due to Australia’s remote location
What are Aboriginal Australians spiritual beliefs based on? Dreamtime
What is Dreamtime? the time long ago when they believe all things were created
What do Dreamtime stories explain? how animals, plants, water holes, etc. were shaped by spirit beings
What is a sacred site to the Aborigines? Uluru/Ayers Rock
What has been done to rocks at thousands of sites in Australia? they were painted or engraved with human and animal shapes
When do Aborigines believe rock paintings were done? during Dreamtime
What do the Australian Aborigine stories teach others about Dreamtime? life, love, marriage, hunting, gathering, warfare, and death
What was the traditional way Aborigines educated others about their history, cultures, and laws? storytelling, art, singing and dancing
What do the Aborigines believe the spirit ancestors did during Dreamtime? travelled throughout the land, giving it its physical form, and setting down the rules to be followed by the Aboriginals
What types of painting did Aborigines do? dot, bark & stone painting
What was the greatest threat to the aborigines after the Europeans began settling in Australia? European diseases
Created by: lprinke
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