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D - SS - Unit 5

History of Australia - Population & Resources

What is the major industry in the Outback? mining
Which state has the most precious metals? western Australia
Where does Australia send many resources? China
In the late 1700's, who did Great Britain send to Australia? criminals
What happened to force Great Britain to stop sending criminals to Georgia? American War of Independence
What happened in the mid-19th century that led thousands of immigrants to go to South Australia? gold rush
What religion did the Europeans spread in Australia upon arrival? Christianity
What language did the Europeans spread in Australia upon arrival? English
Who are Australia’s main export trading partners? China, Japan, South Korea & US
Who are Australia’s main import trading partners? China, US, Japan, Singapore, Germany & South Korea
Why are Australia's main trading partners China, Japan, South Korea, and other Asian countries? because of Australia’s location in the southeast Pacific Ocean
What is one of Australia's largest natural resources? coal
Where are 2 other important natural resources? iron ore & gold
What does Australia do with the coal it produces? it provides electricity for its citizens and sells the rest to other countries
What do farmers in the outback raise? sheep
Why do farmers raise sheep? to produce wool to export
What state has the largest concentration of people in Australia? New South Wales
Where do the people that visit Australia most often live? New Zealand
Where do the most people live in Australia? along the eastern and southeastern coastline
Why do people in Australia live along the coast? there is better weather, fresh water, fertile land, and natural resources
Why do many Australians live in large coastal towns? to have access to large industries and international businesses
Created by: lprinke