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Primary &Sec Source

Primary and Secondary Sources

A play showing how Ben Franklin flew a kite during a lightning storm Primary Source
A short story describing Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla's "electrical" battle. Primary Source
AnneFrank's diary describing her life during WW2 Primary Source
A cartoon showing how Pocahontas met John Smith Secondary Source
A text book describing the civil rights movement Secondary Source
A news report about the opening of a power plant Primary Source
A scientist explaining what it was like for Buzz Aldrin to walk on the moon. Secondary Source
A You Tube video describing how the pyramids were built. Secondary Source
An interview with Alexander Graham Bell about how he invented the telephone Primary Source
A radio broadcast from the day the Soviet Union launched Sputnik Primary Source
An autobiography about the 40th president, Ronald Reagan Primary Source
A book describing Christopher Columbus sailing to America Secondary Source
A famous artist's painting of what a cowboy life was probably like. Primary Source
A journal by a cowboy about the cattle drives from Texas to Kansas Primary Source
The United States Constitution Primary Source
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