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Westward Expansion

Louisiana Purchase, Lewis & Clark, War of 1812

What was a main reason Lewis & Clark often traveled by water? Traveling on rivers was the best way to help move heavy loads.
This was a physical gateway that benefited (helped) the exploration of the West. Missouri River
She was an important guide and translator for Lewis & Clark on their famous journey. Sacajawea
This was a physical barrier that slowed down Western exploration. Rocky Mountains
On the whole, Lewis & Clark traveled from the _____ to the _____ (fill in the blanks with two directions). east to the west
The "Corps of Discovery" was led by whom? Lewis & Clark
This explorer and his wife traveled all over the West, writing about their adventures. Their writings encouraged more people to travel west. John Fremont
This president arranged the Louisiana Purchase. Thomas Jefferson
Where was the Battle of the Alamo fought? It was fought to win independence from whom? ` This battle was fought in Texas to win independence from Mexico.
What is opportunity cost? What you give up in order to someday make a profit. For example, if you give up your free time in order to mow lawns for money.
What was the name of the land purchase from Mexico after the Mexican-American War? The Mexican Cession
What is voluntary exchange? Being free to buy and sell. For example, when you go to a grocery store and pay money in order to buy food and supplies.
Areas that grew rapidly when miners suddenly arrived in large numbers were called what? Boomtowns
Where did the nickname 49ers (Forty-Niners) originate? The California Gold Rush started in 1849, so the miners rushing to California were nicknamed 49ers.
This was the route Native Americans from Eastern states (like Georgia) were forced to take on their way west. The Trail of Tears
Texas was part of the country of ______, but was later an _____ country for several years. Mexico, independent (Texas was an independent country from 1836-1846.)
This group was almost always negatively impacted (hurt) by Westward Expansion. Indians (Native Americans)
Many trails led out West, but this trail was the most well-used. The Oregon Trail
This war was a conflict between the USA and Great Britain. The War of 1812
One cause of the War of 1812 was when British ships did this to American sailors. kidnapped
The British burned this building during the War of 1812. The White House
The lawyer Francis Scott Key wrote this following the Battle of Fort McHenry, outside Baltimore, Maryland. "The Defence of Fort McHenry", which later became "The Star-Spangled Banner".
This nickname is sometimes used for the War of 1812. "The Second American Revolution"
Many people moved west in the late 1840s and into the 1850s due to this event. The California Gold Rush
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