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Klabunde History 11

Middle Ages Test

Under Germanic law, if an accused person was unharmed after a physical trial, or _____________, he or she was presumed innocent. ordeal
The Vikings were made part of European civilization by... ...the Frankish policy of settling them an converting them to Christianity.
The most important gift a lord could give to a vassal was... ...a piece of land.
The _____ was a set of unwritten rules that determined the relationship between a lord and his vassal. feudal contract
The push for the Crusades came when... ...Emperor Alexius I asked for aid.
What techniques did Charlemagne use to control his kingdom? 1. He divided the kingdom into districts 2. He delegated authority to loyal nobles. 3. He send messengers to report on provinces.
You can best describe the Carolingian Empire that Charlemagne created as... ...expanding and well administered.
Serfs were different from peasants, in that serfs... ...were legally bound to the land upon which they worked and lived.
The struggle between Henry the IV and Gregory VII was known as... ...the Investiture Controversy
Dominic de Guzman believed the best way to attack heresy was... ...the formation of a new religious order of men who lived lives of poverty an preached effectively.
Joan of Arc brought the Hundred Years' War to a decisive turning point by... ...inspiring the French with her faith.
Lay investiture was a practice by which... ...secular rulers both chose nominees to church offices and gave them the symbols of their office.
The Inquisition was... ...the court created by the Catholic Church to find and try heretics.
The Black Death killed nearly 38 million people, resulting in... ...severe economic consequences.
The ______ became the basis for much of the legal system in Europe. Justinian Code
Germanic invasions caused all of the following except... ...anti-Semitism
A man who separates himself from ordinary society in order to pursue a life of dedication to God is a... ...monk.
The region of land given by the west Frankish kind to the Vikings came to be called... ...Normandy.
Another term for "holy war" to take control of the Holy Land is... ...Tournaments.
Pope Urban II... ...called for a holy war in 1093.
To _____ means to give the church 1/10 of your income. tithe
The separation between the Eastern Orthodox and the Catholic Church of the West was called a ... ...schism.
The practice of a person who is not a member of the clergy to grant the position of bishop is called... ...lay investiture.
The head of the East Orthodox Christian Church was the... ...Patriarch
Joan of Arc... ...led the French army on to victory in the Hundred Years' War.
ordeal means of determining guilt under Germanic Law
Benedict founded a community of monks that became the model for Roman Catholic monasticism.
Charlemagne created the Carolingian Empire
Vikings Norsemen of Scandinavia
vassal a man who served a lord in a military capacity
knight heavily armored cavalry soldier
joust a contest between knights on horseback
sacraments religious ceremonies that led to achieving salvation
fief grant of land made to a vassal
chivalry qualities of a good knight, including bravery, politeness, respect for women: code of conduct
True or False? Serfs were required to provide labor services for the manor one year and one day and then they were free. False
True or False? The Concordat of Worms established the legitimacy of the Papal States. False
True or False? The Cistercian order was formed by a group of Benedictines who were unhappy with the lack of discipline in their order. True
True or False? The Christians of the thirteenth century believed that they were justified in using force to save souls. True
True or False? One cause of anti-Semitism in Medieval Europe was the spread of the bubonic plague. True
True or False? The Hundred Years' War between England and France started because of the religious differences of the Great Schism. False
True or False? The Vikings established a settlement in North America in 1000 AD. True
True or False? The Vikings came from Scandinavia. True
True or False? The Middle "Ages were the same as the Medieval Period. True
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