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Chapter 13 Vocab SS

Prohibition Forbidding by law the making and selling of alcoholic beverages.
Public Service Commission An independent state agency that regulates Louisiana's public utilities and motor carriers; formerly called the Railroad Commission.
Flood of 1927 A devastating flood on the Mississippi River that was one f the worst natural disasters in the nation's history.
Bond A certificate promising payment of money , with interest, by a certain date, which is issued by a government or corporations evidence of debt.
Deduct box Huey Long's system whereby state employees had to contribute 10 percent of their salary to support his political organization; funds were often mingled with campaign and personal funds.
Fait accompli Something that has been done and cannot be changed.
Unorthodox Different from what is usually done or accepted.
Misappropriate To take something dishonestly, for one's own use.
Great Depression The severe economic downturn that began with the stock market crash of 1929 and continued into the 1940s.
Share Our Wealth program Huey Long's proposal that all Americans should have a home, enough food, and security in their old age; it would be financed through higher taxes on the nation wealthiest citizens.
Grassroots support Support from ordinary people; support from the ground up.
What does it mean to take something dishonestly for one's own use? Misappropriate
Who did President Coolidge sent to Louisiana to help with flood relief in 1927? Herbert Hoover
What happened on October 29, 1929? The U.S stock market crashed
Which New Deal program insured bank accounts in federal banking institutions? F.D.I.C. Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
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