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Hist 5

Ancient Egypt and Kush

Imhotep One of the Egyptian Gods actually a real person and the third dynasty.
When was Memphis Capital Century A.D.
Incense A material that produces a pleasant smell when burned.
Savannas A flat grassland
The relationship between Pharaohs and other leaders They were all upper class.
Amenhotep IV He 18th dynasty and he ruled Egypt 17 years.
Axum A.D. 350, the armies of Axum invaded Kush and destroyed Meroe.
Hapi Was the water (river) Gods.
Re Was the sun Gods.
Thesbes City located east of Nile and south of the Mediterranean.
Who united Upper and Lower Egypt? Narmer( Menes)
What were the natural barriers that protected Egypt, and what direction was each from Egypt? To the east, a small desert separates the river valley from the Red Sea , while the Sahara Desert lies to the west . To the north , the Mediterranean Sea separated the Egyptians from European people, while mountains and rushing rapids protected the south.
What happened to Hyksos ? Ahmose formed on army and drove the Hyksos out of Egypt.
Why did the Egyptians build pyramids to honor their pharaohs? They believed in after life.
What social class did farmers belong to and what were their lives like? The Lowest but the largest groups. They need to improve their social position.
How was Meroe different from a typical Egyptian or Kushite city? It contained iron furnaces.
What rights did ancient Egyptian women have? Worked in home, live alone choose who they married and to buy and sell goods as they pleased.
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